1. thisisrandy81's Avatar
    I jailbroke my 4gb Iphone about 3 moths ago. Still using 1.1.2. Whatever application that I installed that gives you alternate carrier images like the 007 image and the Verizon image, I would like to remove b/c now I cannot get the damn Verizon image off of my phone.

    Please help me~!!
    Thank You~!!
    2008-03-27 05:11 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    You must be talking about "Customize". You can either re-install the app and change the carrier logo, or.....you can SSH into the phone and manually replace the 2 image files used for the carrier logo with the original ones (which you could probably find in the downloads section here).
    2008-03-27 06:07 PM
  3. thisisrandy81's Avatar
    So... the ability to change the carrier logo comes from the customization application?

    After I first installed whatever application that does this, I changed my carrier Icon to Verizon. Since then, I have not been able to change it to anything else. I go to the customize tab and select the image that I want to be displayed and back out of the application and it still doesn't cahnge! I've even tried turning the phone completely off and back on after changing the icon and still "nothing". This damn Verizon symbol is like stuck on my phone!!

    Okay, so I just uninstalles the "Customize" app and the Verizon Logo was still there after I uninstalled it. I reinstalled it and tried to change the logo and it still will not change.... WTF!!!! This problem is about to make me completely rejailbreak my phone~!!! Please help me and thank you for all of your help this far~!!!
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    2008-03-29 03:36 PM
  4. BarcaMagic's Avatar
    i have same problem, im on 1.1.4 i can change everything else but carrier logo ..
    2008-03-31 06:24 PM
  5. pokekid's Avatar
    did you guys use make it mine app because mine did the same and i restored to 1.1.3 so that all my files got rewrote and before that on 1.1.1 i just reinstalled and set my carrier on MiM to at&t and it worked like a charm

    edit: at barca
    use MiM to set your carrier to iPod and that should allow customize to work for you. ill be on for a while so let me know if it helps
    2008-03-31 06:51 PM
  6. thisisrandy81's Avatar
    No, the make it mine app was ludt released recently. Im using the original app that was first introduced for the 1.1.2. Thats the firmware I currently use...1.1.2! It worked when I first installed it but I put the Verizon icon up and left it for about a month or two and tried to change it recently and it just stays Verizon....?
    It's really bothering me....LOL
    2008-03-31 11:18 PM
  7. pokekid's Avatar
    Make it Mine has been out for a while now and wasnt released recently. i suggest using it to revert your carrier name back to stock.seems to fix mine whenever it happens. if nothing works just restore to 1.1.3..rewrites a lot of files and fixes my problems
    2008-04-01 01:22 AM
  8. thisisrandy81's Avatar
    I don't have 1.1.3, I have 1.1.2. I don't know how to upgrade.....
    2008-04-01 04:27 AM
  9. pokekid's Avatar
    download the apple 1.1.3 firmware restore file from anywhere and click restore in itunes while holding shift and then select the firmware
    2008-04-01 06:21 AM
  10. stok3d's Avatar
    i have the same problem any way of solving it? besides restore? where exactly is the file i can go and delete it in winscp thanks guys
    2008-04-15 09:19 PM
  11. mcscrewdriver's Avatar
    um dude, i am on 2.2.1 ipod touch 2g, and i has MiM.app, i set my carrier to Pwned, and i tried to change the image of that, but i didnt work, so i figured if i remove MiM.app from my device, it will restore back to the original iPod carrier, but, unfortunately it didnt and i cant put a new carrier logo on it? should i download MiM again frm Cydia and then write iPod, so that that gives me the opportunity to change the carrier logo?!! or is there any other way? PLEASE REPLY ASAP !!!! :S
    2009-08-18 11:57 AM
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