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    ah, why did I upgrade. Same issue

    Downgraded to 1.0.2
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    2007-10-27 05:36 AM
  2. roger167's Avatar
    If anybody has sorted out Apache, I'd love some help. It's broken, listed in installer, but won't uninstall (script execution error).
    same case here
    2007-10-31 01:59 PM
  3. supermac06's Avatar
    please i need help with my iphone 1.1.1 i installed (installer v3.0b8) then my computer (macbook) does not recognize the
    2007-11-06 04:18 AM
  4. simian's Avatar
    Is there not a way to remove the Nullriver software v3 without a complete restore? I cannot believe there would be no means of removing the software without doing a complete restore. When I navigate to Uninstall I only have the option to Reinstall the Installer, not Uninstall ...

    Someone please help! My phone will not restore and I want to have it serviced but I want that software off before I take it to Apple otherwise I might be turned away.
    2007-11-14 02:08 PM
  5. chinese999's Avatar
    Same problem I have as well 'monkeys!

    I was able to "uninstall" several of the missing apps, which successfully removed them from the installed section and this enabled me to re-install these. However, there are several that won't uninstall cleanly (the uninstaller fails because, presumably, the software isn't there) and so I can't re-install them from needs a feature to where if the uninstaller fails in this way it should offer to remove the application from the installed list, or at least let you always reinstall something.

    How/where does get its list of installed apps? I assume it'll be pretty easy to hand-edit this if I can find it.

    Any help here would be appreciated.

    In answer to my own request for help...

    The file that uses to track what's installed on the phone is:


    I connected via SCP, copied the file locally, made a backup of the file, edited the entries that weren't on my system out of the file, saved it, and put it back on the phone with SCP. After that, I ran installer again and it was all good. I was able to install all the right stuff, etc.

    Hope this helps!

    could u pls explain how to edit plist ? with software ?
    As i have seen someone having big problem after edit the plist , i afraid i could break my phone too .
    Thanking u in inticipation ........

    Regards ,
    2007-11-20 04:11 AM
  6. sterickson's Avatar
    I've been installing and uninstalling 3rd party apps and I noticed all the CRAP these programs left all over my phone. Here I thought AppTap's "Uninstall" feature would actually make it as if the application had actually been... "UNINSTALLED". Go figure.

    1. ToDo list uninstalled... look, all my to do data, still sitting in the folder.
    2. Navizon uninstalled... cache files?
    3. MobileCast uninstalled... more cache files! Deep nested cache files.
    4. weDICT/dictionaries... uninstalled... look, the dict indexes are still there!
    5. SummerBoard... uninstalled... nice, Louie Mantia theme, why do I still need this?
    A couple of notes ...

    The fact that this stuff is left behind has nothing to do with and everything to do with how the uninstall section of each individual package's plist is written. If the person who writes it doesn't remove it, it gets left behind.

    I am guilty of this. Why? I was explicitly told, by Nullriver, to leave this stuff behind when uninstalling a package. I disagreed, as it's my belief that uninstalling a package should leave the device as though the package had never been installed. Nullriver insisted that computer apps don't delete user data and settings when they are uninstalled and that we should follow that model on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Another item to consider is that developers always tell the packager what to install and where, but they rarely, if ever, tell us exactly what files and directories are created by their app, so that we could remove them if we wanted to.

    Users are fickle. I can easily see them screaming at me for deleting their un-backed-up settings and data.

    What's a packager to do?

    I continue to believe that "uninstalled" should mean just that - that 100% of the app is gone, including anything created by it. I also believe that both and the BSD Subsystem should be uninstallable. Nullriver refuses to do that for, saying that it would confuse users and cause problems. I have requested, many times, that they make BSD Subsystem uninstallable and they eventually agreed, but never followed through with that or the update to it that they said was coming (they haven't done anything in some time now, actually, and seem rather irrelevant these days, sadly).

    2008-01-19 02:14 PM
  7. ucim2cute's Avatar
    That is an awesome idea!! I have also uninstalled stuff, only to see alot of it left behind! WTF?? So that is just what we need! Thanks in advance.
    Stay Sexy, Sweet, and Wonderful!
    2008-01-19 06:44 PM
  8. tonyjosh's Avatar
    thanks i wasnt aware that it left all that stuff behind helped me free up some space
    2008-04-02 08:42 PM
  9. Taniban's Avatar
    So.. are you guys saying... if I fully restore my iphone, there are still files that are left there?
    2008-04-03 02:14 AM
  10. Nettwerk's Avatar
    restore is something similar to full cleaning.
    all data etc will be lost
    2008-04-27 12:47 AM
  11. kalanor's Avatar
    Hi i dont know if you explained it already put i didnt understand right put i got apps that my sister installed that i do not want and i go uninstaller and they dont appear there but i do have them on the phone lik snapture voice dial domininos flash lik and alarm i want them off can anyone plis help ?
    2008-07-14 07:10 PM
  12. Classik777's Avatar
    help plz...i upgraded my iphone from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 and it erased my ziphone installer app now my phone looks stock....but in the syce other is 500mb of stuff i cant erase so i unstall the ziphone app again and im good but all the apps i had dont show up
    and are not in the uninstall do i delete them etc...

    thank for any help
    2008-07-17 09:39 AM
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