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    I refreshed Installer.app today and found 3 updates to run: Tap Tap Revolution, BigBoss Prefs, and a VNC/remote control app (I forget the name at the moment). I then installed an app/hack that allows one to download files with Safari on 1.1.4 without closing Installer.app between the updates and the installation. After the Safari hack installed, it said to restart the iPhone upon completion of the installation. I hit the home button to go back to Springboard and waited a minute for it to load. The progress spinner appeared and after a minute it froze. I waited a couple more minutes and it did not progress at all. So, I held down the power button until it turned off. I waited a minute and pressed the power button again and hoped it would start successfully. It did not. It displays the Apple logo and after a minute or two, the progress spinner appears, spins for a bit and then freezes.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue? Anyone know how to undo the damage and get my phone working again?

    Some more info:

    -My iPhone was purchased on the very first day and is now running 1.1.4.
    -I removed and reseated the SIM already.


    I was able to get my iMac to recognize the iPhone (by plugging in the USB cord... I'm so embarrassed). Then, I loaded Independence and it said that the phone was not Jailbreaked (it was). I told it to Jailbreak the phone and after that finished, I browsed the applications on the phone. I began uninstalling the applications that I installed yesterday and as soon as I uninstalled BossPrefs, the iPhone began working. It's been doing great ever since!

    New Solution!
    After having this issue come up again, I believe that I had a full partition due to too many apps installed. I uninstalled a bunch and it's working fine. Will update if I experience anything else.
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