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    Can someone please help me....
    How do you install Aplications onto the iPhone, i have the iPhone installer, and i also have Independence on my laptop which i think im saposed to use to transpher Apps to the iPhone. On the phone i susupect i could download apps using the installer but im specifically looking for AIM. any form of aim is fine as long as i can be online and not an aim that is through Safari. I would really like to be able to use the multiple desktops? aplication, where i can have lots of apps and put them on up to two desktops which i can switch like Safari. I really appreciate the help ive gotton thus far, ive jailbroken my phone, and have an AT&T service plan, i also have version 1.0.2 on my phone, (can easily be updated)
    ANY help is GREATLY appriciated, and if this thread is repetative please delete and link me to a proper thread.
    PM's and Instant Messages are also accepted
    aim= p8ntballerchuck

    so To Long didnt read:
    Want Aim on Phone, how and where do i do this?

    also, i want to install them from my computer, when going through tutorials i found that i need to connect to my iPhone, using a program such as Fugu, Cyberduck or iNdependce, all telling you to type in a IP adress (i have) port (no idea) and a pasword (no idea) help?
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