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    You can backup the file present on /var/mobile/Library/iBlacklist
    It's an SQL file and you can open it using any SQL client.
    2009-01-15 06:48 PM
  2. Hunmedlab's Avatar
    Dear Spectro!

    You do a great job with Iblacklist. This is the only one program, what I no find in Appstore, and only this program the reason why I jailbreak my iphone. Till now.

    I contact to your support with a problem:


    I've got a little problem. few month ago I bought from you a program, Iblaclist. Last week my Iphone was broken down. Seems like a hardware defect. I went to the service (t-mobile). They are swapped (gave me a brand new) my iphone, because my iphone got a unrepairable mainboard problem. And now, i can't use Iblaclist, because they are gave a different code...

    So... What is the solution? I need to buy it again? Or there is a another solution?

    This is a key, from the new Iphone..."

    The answer... surprised me...

    "2009/1/26 Sales <[email protected]>

    For new iphone you need buy a new key, the key is registered to phone serial number (hardware)
    If is the same iphone (hardware) the serial number is the same and the activation key works but you you have a new iphone the old key will dont work becouse is a diferent serial (hardware) and you need buy a new key


    Problem solved. Thanks Spectro!
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    2009-01-28 11:03 PM
  3. rapanuy's Avatar

    I guess there is a difference: your "payed" Apple Apps go via iTunes, so you can install them on a new iPhone registered to your iTunes.

    iBlacklist is only registered to your iPhone. I guess now one knows whats happening to iPhones (are they lost, repaired, sold, given as a gift to friends....), so I can understand the answer.

    No harm to you and your story, but how is a developer (how would you in their position) supposed to handle this kind of story?

    Best wishes, and thx to spektro and his team for this app,
    2009-01-28 11:23 PM
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    Before Iphone I've got a Nokia device. I bought a lot of software for that. And one time, that device is swapped by nokia. Here is some solution:

    1. The softwaremakers ask me about the warranty paper's copy by email which can the confirm about swap. After when I send, I give a new registration code (Some softwarehouse allow this only one time)

    2. If i need a device change, and I bought previously the software, I can do that by 50% of an original price, or something.

    Problem solved by Spectro. Correct guy.
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    2009-01-29 02:16 AM
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    I purchased iblacklist via paypal entered the 22 char key from my phone in the comment field tripple verified it and clicked on the pay now button on paypal. 60 seconds later i get a email saying my key was not valid it needed to be 22 chars. After checking again I definatly entered the correct key from my iphone. So...i sent 1,2,3,4,5,10 emails to sales & [email protected] providing the 22 char key in each email but I have never received a response back from them. So now i'm 12.00 out, still no key, and no one there seems to give a rats A** about it. What's next ?
    2010-01-06 10:21 AM
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