1. sogo's Avatar
    Awesome, I have been waiting for someone to come out with a TH' game.
    2008-04-17 09:46 AM
  2. Dash-2's Avatar
    Looks awesome! Keep up the great work!
    2008-04-17 10:37 AM
  3. smackjack's Avatar
    looks nice! dont forget an option to auto flip the cards since sliding your finger will be annoying after a while
    2008-04-17 09:50 PM
  4. flounder21's Avatar
    SWEET!!! The time for more play and less work at work is near!!! GJ!!
    2008-04-17 10:15 PM
  5. spintek's Avatar
    looking good
    2008-04-18 12:16 AM
  6. lws's Avatar
    looks nice! dont forget an option to auto flip the cards since sliding your finger will be annoying after a while
    you're damn right. i already abandoned that swipe to flip
    it was just to test the code prior to me finding out about how the timer works.
    2008-04-18 03:39 AM
  7. lws's Avatar
    I've got a new video up after some hazzle with that audio swap feature.
    It's maybe not so interesting to watch for you, but I put a lot of work into it, to get it all running. As I said, I'm learning to program that device from scratch. So, every little step forward is very helpful to me. As I grow more confident with the framework the work will increasingly speed up. And there is already some game code involved now. It just wasn't very useful until I learned how to use buttons to control something today

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfdkAvlEngk"]YouTube - thtouch - next eyecandy[/ame]
    2008-04-19 04:24 AM
  8. one1's Avatar
    I must have this (when done)
    2008-04-19 06:30 AM
  9. pingwhen's Avatar
    Man I'm do jelous I wish I had a mac I'm waiting till the end of june to make sure there is or isn't a New mac book

    Anyways great job this is fun to watch the game develop
    2008-04-19 07:41 PM
  10. lws's Avatar
    I set up a page now. From now on, I'll be updating you with the newest information there and just post into forums, when there are major news.

    2008-04-19 08:17 PM
  11. coolie's Avatar
    Looks great! I can't wait for it.
    If only we could get multiplayer through wifi, that would be sweet.
    2008-04-19 11:47 PM
  12. yahoowizard's Avatar
    I love you.
    2008-04-20 07:27 AM
  13. Doolang667's Avatar
    I also love you. I can't believe it took this long for someone to do this!
    2008-04-20 06:17 PM
  14. coachballfirm's Avatar
    man keep the great work.....spades
    2008-04-20 06:57 PM
  15. erix920's Avatar
    Looks good so far , one thing I do think would look cool would be having the table being 3d. Things like showing height + depth of the deck on the table, same with chips. Then again, you have plenty of work cut out for ya.

    Can't wait!
    2008-04-20 11:30 PM
  16. lws's Avatar
    This won't be 3D for usability reasons.
    The goal is to make it enjoyable, and the optical presentation doesn't necessarily have to be three dimensional to achieve that. It could even be distracting from the game itself. So, sorry, but no 3D table and/or chips. I guess that is also the better choice in terms of battery life.
    2008-04-21 01:06 AM
  17. erix920's Avatar
    Yea, your right . Whatever, still gonna kick *** :-D
    2008-04-21 01:11 AM
  18. coachballfirm's Avatar
    when is this coming out....im a hold em freak (no homo)
    2008-04-27 04:12 AM
  19. lws's Avatar
    It's been a while and I made quite some progress.
    What's new since I set up the webpage:
    - bet dialog, with graphics from Marius
    - actual "gameplay"
    - check, call, bet it's all in there
    - the pot
    - fancy stickers to remember, what the players did last
    - highlight active player
    - actually deal the flop at the right time and proceed to the next round

    (and probably even more...)

    Videos and detailed information are to be found on the projects webpage.

    @coachballfirm: Just read the FAQ. It tells you: When it's done.
    2008-04-27 06:11 PM
  20. coachballfirm's Avatar
    looks great bro..keep up the GREAT work..looks very promising
    2008-04-27 07:18 PM
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