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    here it is, a new, reloaded version of stack.

    How to install?
    - until now you have to manual install the app. [i setup a repo soon]

    copy all three apps into your applications dir.
    change the permissions if it's necessary.
    chmod +x /Applications/MobileStack.app/MobileStack*
    chmod +x /Applications/StackController.app/StackController
    chmod +x /Applications/BackLightSwitch.app/BackLightSwitch
    wow three apps? why?
    StackController to control your stacks.

    MobileStack runs permanently
    (only if you start it and if your springboard doesn't gets killed...)

    BackLightSwitch is optional
    i always have a low brightness... but sometimes it's too low, so that's backlightswitch *g*

    First start:
    respring and start the stackcontroller, which tries to detect your current number of dockicons. if that fails please post what's wrong.

    setup your stacks settings, edit the contents and go back to the main view.(now the settings will be written to the prefs dir)
    now start the demon by tap status on the top left.

    stacks should be running, but you are still in your controller app, so close the stackcontroller. [WIP]

    Important Infos:
    inside the contents editor, you can't move an entrie to an emtpy stack. (you have to add this).
    if you move an entrie and release it on a label cell (like 'left stack') you have a problem *g*

    the plist files are located at: (there was a bug until beta3**)
    and for the backlightapp

    Usefull Infos:
    if you add an entrie to your stack, you'll find 4 apps at the end.
    these apps are shortcuts to some intern functions of the stack demon:
    like wifi-switch, phone-switch, airplane-switch and the brightness-switch. (which requires the backlightswitch app)

    ** beta1&2 had a small blemish,it saves and reads to com.yourcompany.StackController.plist *g*
    for bugs please report your device model and firmware version.


    replace ** to tt & $ to s
    remember this a a beta version. until now i only tested this app on a 1.1.4 iphone!
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    2008-04-28 01:46 PM
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    Bug: if you tap randomly fast on the stacks the springboard dies and you need to restart the phone. Please continue working on this app .

    Idea: If you have only 2 rows in gird view, the window could be just 2 rows? A gird stack with 2 rows and dhat big background is kind of ugly :P..

    also, option for no animation? (and smoother gird animation) =D

    Is it possible to get stacks from the sides and from the top to? a non-gird stack from the sides would be cool .. But the badges bug is imo the most important thing to fix. Keep working, and where can we send our donations?

    what are you planning to do now? Keep us updated
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    2008-04-28 01:49 PM
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    First time I installed Beta1, the StackController app seemed to function fine, although it was in German. But I managed edit the stack contents and start the daemon, however there was no Stack icon on my SpringBoard. Then I saw the Beta2, so installed that, however, now when I run StackController, the screen is pretty much empty, with just 3 lines of text - Stack Settings, Stack Contents, then a white row with "Edit Contents" and an arrow, but nothing happens when I press this. The status and about buttons are still there and functioning, but I cannot create the stack. And the stack icon is still missing from the springboard.

    When I created the original stack did a plist preference file get created, that is perhaps now corrupt and not getting overwritten when installing Beta2? If so, where is it, I can see anything in the usual /var/mobille/Library/Preferences dir...

    Any ideas?

    I followed the instructions and changed the permissions for all the apps after copying them over to the iphone. Have also resprung, and tried numerous reboots.

    I think it's some sort of conflict with Customize(Beta 2.0) or Categories, as after uninstalling them both, it works fine.
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    You do know Customize Beta 5.0 is out. And If you edited the plist before, why can't you just delete the application, and then reinstall the newest beta version.

    2008-04-28 03:58 PM
  5. smackjack's Avatar
    If I install the new beta, will I loose my stack settings?

    Things i would like to see:
    1. badge support. If you have mail and sms in the same stack and you have 2 new sms and 3 new mails the badge on the stack should say 5. (5 new things in the stack)

    2. Auto hight of the gird view. If you have 2 rows of apps in a stack, the gird view should be 2 rows high. That would be alot nicer.

    3. Scroll stacks.. Gird And non-gird stacks. Example: To scroll a non-gird stack, just flick your finger beside the stack (at the empty space). the "Snap to row" function (as in the old summerboard on 1.0.2) would be nice if you add scrolling.

    4. Hide apps that is in a stack!!!.. if you have an app in a stack, you dont need it on the springboard

    5. Maybe stacks on the side and the top of the screen

    antiben: What do you think? Which of these things do you think you could add to the app? Btw once again: I love your app! Best ever! but it can be soo much better! Yeah
    2008-04-28 06:31 PM
  6. Dan0609's Avatar
    Instead of begging for new features im extremely impressed with how far its come along. THANK YOU antiben. You are at the top of my list for greatest apps.
    2008-04-28 08:08 PM
  7. rasbill's Avatar
    2008-04-28 09:38 PM
  8. sogo's Avatar
    This is freaking amazing, now that I can read it. Thank you so much!!!!!
    2008-04-28 10:41 PM
  9. Blax's Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful! I've been waiting for this for quite a while, thanks!
    2008-04-29 12:16 AM
  10. rasbill's Avatar
    is there a problem with this starting with springboard?

    i used to have a screen capture program that would always start with springboard unless i turned it off in bossprefs maybe that developer can help you
    2008-04-29 12:24 AM
  11. mfleigle's Avatar
    I like the app, but I no longer need it. How do I remove it? Is it just delete the app folders?
    2008-04-29 05:01 PM
  12. antiben's Avatar
    yes, make sure the demon isn't running.
    than delete the three apps and maybe your prefs files (see first post)
    MobileStackIntern.plist & StackController.plist
    2008-04-29 07:16 PM
  13. gwant's Avatar
    I found when i have it running i cannot hold down an icon in my dock to make it start wiggling, it just opens up and i cant move i around. but besides that i REALLY like it.
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    2008-04-29 09:52 PM
  14. beatoven's Avatar
    antiben, when i am running the stack daemon and i start an app, e.g. the sms app, then I lock my screen while that app is running, and then unlock, if I touch the bottom part of my screen where the dock usually is, it launches the app that's normally there (It's like the dock gets on top of my sms app but is invisible.)
    [p.s. SMS app used as an example here. Same prob with any app when running stack daemon.]
    2008-04-29 10:01 PM
  15. sogo's Avatar
    I found when i have it running i cannot hold down an icon in my dock to make it start wiggling, it just opens up and i cant move i around. but besides the i REALLY like it.
    Not a problem with my me.
    2008-04-29 10:08 PM
  16. gwant's Avatar
    Hmmm well maybe i will just play around with it and see.
    2008-04-29 11:08 PM
  17. Bassir's Avatar
    After you've opened a stack, and you double click the home button to go to your favorites, the stack is still visible and the dock is still "there" but invisible.

    I can still open and close the stack by tapping the area where the stack icon is supposed to be, and open Safari by tapping the area next to that, as if the dock is still there. This can be fixed by going back to the home screen and closing the stack, but I just thought you'd like to know.

    Also, sometimes the iPhone freezes in a position where the whole screen is blacked out, as if a stack is open, but it's not.
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    2008-04-30 12:46 AM
  18. rasbill's Avatar
    yes i also have this problem, if you assign a program to the home button and double click it well the stack is open, the dock will still be active but invisible at the bottom of the screen
    2008-04-30 04:18 AM
  19. djzander's Avatar
    can you add an option that shows the icons in the stack at the dock ? like in the old ver

    and after respring the stack stops working and i need to restart it each time , not good for somone that installs stuff from installer ...
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    2008-04-30 12:26 PM
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    I am having a problem w/ beta.3, I have copied the files over and set permissions but when I open StackController I cannot click on stack settings or go into stack contents (although it turns blue). I am on 1.1.2, and was using the original MobileStacks until now without a problem (I completely removed that before installing your version). Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
    2008-04-30 07:42 PM
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