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    Hey all!

    It's not much yet but I've created a handy app called UIUCMap.

    It's a listing of every buliding on the U of I (Illinois) campus (UIUC) taken from the university website. I created it at a friend's suggestion because often we find ourselves looking for some random building on campus and such a reference is useful.

    More information can be found here: http://dtztech.com/blog/?p=4

    The app itself is here: http://www.dtztech.com/iphone/zips/UIUCMap-1.0.0.zip

    If you want, add http://dtztech.com/iphone/iphone.xml to your installer to automate the process. I have a few ideas for some (much better) applications.

    And yes, I realize that /many/ (most) of you don't give a damn about the UIUC campus. However, there's a script in there that helps you take any list of addresses and create a similar app for them. (On the todo list is to make this automatic).

    Please respond with any questions or comments...

    ~Will Dietz
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    2007-11-04 01:47 AM
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    University of Idaho? Iowa? Indiana? Illinois? The Internet? "U of I" isn't very descriptive.
    2007-11-04 05:03 AM
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    ha ha yeah. good call. Edited. Thank you. It's Illinois, btw.
    2007-11-04 05:29 AM