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  1. lgchicken's Avatar
    Here is my peggle clone for the ipod touch:
    Laser Guided Productions: Poddle update - peggle clone

    based on the pc game:
    Peggle™ Official Site - PopCap Games - Free Online Games

    codenamed: poddle
    i think i have a good peggle game basis here,
    extra things like scoring, animation, new levels added soon

    Download it and try for yourself!
    there are a few bugs, shown on the blog post, but let me know any other thought you have, thanks
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    2008-05-15 10:29 PM
  2. BreakTheChains's Avatar
    I think it's pretty cool. I've never played the original so I don't know how much different it is. I think there definitely needs to be more levels and stuff but this is just a beta so I can't ask for much. Great work so far.
    2008-05-15 11:06 PM
  3. -V-O-Y-A-G-E-R-'s Avatar
    Having problems loading ActiveX on Peggle™ Official Site. You should've included screenshots of your port. It would attract more people

    No go for me.

    Installed Poddle, it hangs on startup screen saying Poddle and craches.

    Checked permissions and ownership. They're ok.

    Running 1.1.4. Have Jiggy installed (for some other apps, although you said we don't need it anymore).
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    2008-05-16 08:22 AM
  4. lgchicken's Avatar
    its on the modmyi repo now, see it that helps your problem
    2008-05-16 08:50 AM
  5. eternal's Avatar
    some screenshots please. seems to be a nice app but i have limited slots left (near the 72 limit) for apps and cannot try any one without screenshots
    1.1.4 Winpwned ----> 2.0 Winpwned

    Baseband- 04.05.04_G
    Bootloader- 3.9 (1.0.2 OOTB)
    Call In/Out - Yes/Yes
    SMS In/Out - Yes/Yes
    GPRS - Yes
    YouTube - Yes
    2008-05-16 02:26 PM
  6. peteo's Avatar
    some screenshots please. seems to be a nice app but i have limited slots left (near the 72 limit) for apps and cannot try any one without screenshots
    there's a video on his web site

    Laser Guided Productions: My peg based iphone/ ipod touch game
    2008-05-16 02:39 PM
  7. Jonny202003's Avatar
    this is awesome, i was soo addicted to peggle when it came out on the pc.

    It seems pretty good, missing a few things:

    the orange pegs,
    the moving ball catcher down below,
    lives, and a scoring system,

    but its a good start.
    2008-05-16 03:23 PM
  8. lgchicken's Avatar
    i take some screen shots soon,
    the video is of a glichier beta, but it shouls you the basic gameplay i guess

    im adding those features, orange + scoring being my next tasks
    2008-05-16 04:11 PM
  9. zsuns's Avatar
    I also think you add a couple things:

    a timer

    difficulty choice

    a limit on how many balls you can use

    something to give you more points with the more pegs you hit with one ball.

    maybe even some little useless, but cool things like character choices haha i dunno stuff like that to add detail.
    A Thanks is always nice =]
    2008-05-17 09:03 PM
  10. nate94gt's Avatar
    looks good so far! everyone already mentioned the scoring and balls and whatnot, but you have a great start
    2008-05-18 02:30 AM