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  1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Video Conferencing "Must have WiFi connection & there is no sound (call a person and get on speaker phone).

    2007-11-18 01:48 PM
  2. Hackme's Avatar
    that source doesn't work anymore.
    2007-11-18 04:29 PM
  3. jedinight's Avatar
    that source doesn't work anymore.
    now it does' updated''''''''
    2007-11-18 05:56 PM
  4. HotStuff2's Avatar
    Tried to install this, got an error "Package download failed". Removed


    And added the one above, and now Squidge doesn't show up at all under any entry (even All Packages.)
    2007-11-22 04:58 PM
  5. stlcaddie's Avatar
    2007-11-22 05:39 PM
  6. jrentzke's Avatar
    2007-11-29 02:14 PM
  7. esko032's Avatar
    Nope still dosent work, no such source
    2007-11-30 12:45 AM
  8. wickedone1982's Avatar
    I got the same error . Doesnt allow me to download
    Robert C ( aka ) Newb with a Iphone
    2007-11-30 06:20 AM
  9. Mjspags's Avatar
    I have the same error also.. I am running 1.1.2.. WHat are you guys running?
    2007-12-01 08:20 PM
  10. leandroc76's Avatar

    The kid(lyndell wiggins) totally looks like Topher Grace from "That 70's Show" !!!

    repo doesn't work still!
    2008-01-25 02:27 PM
  11. hcrip's Avatar
    You guys do know you don't need the source in Installer to install things? The 3 files are out there for Squidge. It takes a couples minutes to do. In order for Squidge to run, BSD Subsystem needs to be installed. I also installed Terminal to run the executable command.

    1.) Create a directory in the folder Applications (I used iBrickr) and name it '' but without the ' '
    2.) After the folder has been made, put the 3 files into our newly made folder.
    3.) From Terminal (remotely or on the iPhone) type 'chmod +x /Applications/' and once again without the ' ' (If you typed this line incorrectly, you would receive an error message; otherwise, you shouldn't receive any message)
    4. Reboot your iPhone to enjoy Squidge.

    This process does work for installing other applications as well.
    2008-02-01 10:20 PM
  12. itouchr's Avatar
    hi hcrip! I need help on making squidge. If you can can you email me with some instructions?
    [email protected]
    2008-04-01 09:19 AM
  13. Best Geeks's Avatar heres a link containing the source files. works great! just be sure you set the permissions on the files to 775. heres the directions from the self contained pdf.
    Videoconferencing for iPhone
    To install:
    Install into the Applications folder on your iPhone, and then reboot the phone.
    Sorry, but we can't provide instructions on getting apps onto your iPhone. You should be able to
    find instructions elsewhere on the web.
    To run:
    0) You will need a buddy with an iPhone and Squidge installed.
    1) Call your buddy and put them on speakerphone.
    2) Ensure that you have a Wifi connection, and then launch the Squidge application.
    3) You will be presented with your contact list. Select your buddy's iPhone from the contact list.
    4) That's it! You are now sending video to our server. Any imagery that your buddy sends to the
    server should now be displayed on your iPhone.
    2008-04-06 06:36 AM
  14. KeviN | NiveK's Avatar
    thank you best geeks... i give u the thank you achievement =D
    this app rocks.. (:
    2008-04-06 06:09 PM
  15. jtrage's Avatar
    It works. video can be a little sluggish but tight app.
    2008-04-07 04:42 AM
  16. benderbends's Avatar
    other then sending live video messages to the contact...whats the use?
    you cant actually do a video there is no camera on front of iphone.
    if you face the camera...then you cant see the contact on screen.....

    am i missing the point here?
    2008-04-07 05:26 AM
  17. jtrage's Avatar
    Watch the youtube video. They use mirrors to be able to video conference.
    2008-04-07 08:29 AM
  18. benderbends's Avatar i need to carry a mirror around with my iphone.
    no offense...i think its great that so many people are working on apps for iphone...but right now there seems to be a large flow of useless apps too.
    2008-04-08 06:11 AM