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    im going to do some new songs today..havnt attempted it yet so i dunno how im going to upload them for you guys unless it comes out to be self explanitory..if anyone knows how to and wants to post it on here for me ahead of time id appreciate it
    2007-11-22 12:01 AM
  2. dale1v's Avatar
    I think that if you want to put songs up for download, you need to contact Nate True for him to upload it on the TTR server. You just creating beats on the phone when pressing "Create new beats" just makes a tap file for the iTunes library section of the menu for other TTR players. The likely reason that they're aren't many songs is because it's such a hassle.
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    2007-11-22 12:47 AM
  3. KiNGDAVE's Avatar
    damn for reals? ok so even when i create a new beat where do i have to go to find it? its not in my itunes library other songs are but 90% of the people that made them have no rythm and they are just hittin the pad speradically lol..so theres no point in getting those
    2007-11-22 10:53 AM
  4. dale1v's Avatar
    when you create a new beat, TTR saves the tap file, not the song to /Applications/TTR.app/taps/iTunes or something like that. The ones that you find in iTunes library are terrible, some of the users couldn't put beat to an egg. The ones you find in the "New tracks" section are in beat, but there are only a few available. So, if you want to expand the list of decent beats, you have to contact natetrue (The creator of the game).
    2007-11-22 12:18 PM
  5. KiNGDAVE's Avatar
    haha i agree with u...im a music producer and its horrible how off beat most of these are...but i put it on my phone cuz it was pretty kool along with that beatphone..being someone who makes beats thats the cream of the crop iphone apps for me lol..but anyone know how to get into contact with that nate guy? if anyone has a email link or somethin i need to hit him up i got a lot of popular songs and some of my own to add
    2007-11-23 03:27 AM
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    how to edit music with tap tap revolution ?
    2008-01-02 10:31 PM