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    I mean at this point since Apple decided to put an actual version of OS X/Unix on the iPhone they couldn't have really thought that people wouldn't be able to quickly figure out how to makes apps for it. And now that the community has figured it out and is now making their own apps wouldn't it be best for Apple to just go ahead and release an SDK? I mean the vulnerabilities that they felt would be caused by third party apps are just going to be worse now with us using an unofficial SDK. Wouldn't this make sense? I was just sitting here working on my own web app and playing with a bunch of other web apps and I got really depressed because the current method of third party through web apps really really sucks, everything is slow/choppy you cant save anything to your hard drive so anything really useful is out of the question, and as far as my own app I feel that my potential is being killed, I cant make this app nearly as good on a web app as I could with a binary. I love my iPhone and Im sure this has all been said over and over but being a huge Apple fan and having spent the majority my income over the last 7 years on Apple products and being a OS X developer this is like a hard smack in the face from Steve.

    So where was the SDK left at with Apple? Was it a "hell no not in your pathetic lifetime" kind of no or was it a "well we might rethink it" kind of no?

    You dont have to read this part, just reply to that ^^^ if you want

    I will just say that the reasoning behind buying my iPhone is because I hate just about every cell phone out there. I also wanted a "smart phone" and the other options were phones like blackjack that run off that sorry excuse for a Windows 3.1 port or blackberries that have buttons that are too small for a childs fingers and take up about 75% of the phones surface area. pretty much i couldnt find a damn phone that I thought was worth it. and when the iphone came out I thought it was neat but wasnt going to get one because i was on verizon at the time. but a colleague of mine had one and I played with it for some time and fell inlove with it. it really is a terrific device and was very well done, let alone the amount of true innovation that actually went into it, its just phenomenal. so i got out of my "well we are having billing issues and thats why your bill is three times what it should be, and if you hadnt said anything we would have just let it go and taken all your money like the other 90% of our customers" verizon plan and get an iPhone.

    Sorry about that rant
    2007-08-06 05:53 PM
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can one of you really really really really smart dev's please write us a tutorial or SDK! You would go down in history! PLEASE!!!

    You would be really too!

    2007-08-13 02:48 AM