1. kurosh's Avatar
    u cann add lyrics tru itunes
    how is that

    btw this app is great, props on finding it, and thanks for the english versions of everything!!!!
    2007-12-01 02:12 AM
  2. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    I wrote to the developer and he was kind enough to reply, and to convert his version to English. There's also a repository now, if you add it to Installer you can download it from there.


    You can download it manually here:


    His new version flashes Japanese initially still, as he forgot to update the Default.png but if you replace that with the image I put up at the start of this thread, it not only works, but the buttons now light up correctly.

    The author has also graciously agreed to add my two feature requests to his next version of Lyrics:

    - It would be really great if Lyrics would offer the same search engine choices as TunesTEXT. Right now TunesTEXT finds many more songs. If you don't want to program for preferences, maybe you could just move the search engine to a plist so the advanced end user could modify it.

    - If possible, add the ability to contol iTunes within Lyrics would be fantastic. Just Next song, Previous song, Pause and Play.
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    2007-12-01 09:22 PM
  3. Dash-2's Avatar
    Very cool, I like developers that understand what the people want. =D
    My icons still don't show up, but it seems to be finding more songs!
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    2007-12-01 09:42 PM
  4. verbalist's Avatar
    right click on a song click get info then its in the tabs there's a text bid to enter lyrics
    2007-12-02 05:02 PM
  5. Eurisko's Avatar
    doesn't itunes allow you to store lyrics within the mp3 file already? wouldn't it be easier to have a program that will look within the mp3 first?
    I agree. Why not just take the lyrics already attached the the MP3 tag, why have a separate database?
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2007-12-04 05:56 PM
  6. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    I think if there was a hook to read and write the lyrics from the tag and the developer could have found it, he would have used it. My guess is that it's much easier said than done.

    This is probably a feature that Apple will do natively down the line, but in the meantime, we have a nice solution, why not enjoy it?
    2007-12-04 06:37 PM
  7. snailtek's Avatar
    U R G O D
    2007-12-06 09:10 PM
  8. EmoRebellion's Avatar

    This is probably a feature that Apple will do natively down the line, but in the meantime, we have a nice solution, why not enjoy it?
    Riight.. Just like A2DP, MMS, and VOIP?
    2007-12-06 10:38 PM
  9. qnd0121's Avatar
    It would be nice if Lyrics has the option to delete lyrics that are no longer needed.

    Currently, you can go to private/var/root/Media/Lyrics to delete the lyrics that you don't want anymore, then modify the LYLibraryCache.plist accordingly
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    2007-12-07 02:14 AM
  10. jwcrash's Avatar
    While I'm still po'd at Apple for not letting us see the lyrics stored with each song, this app is a sweet workaround.

    Awesome refinement of the iPhone experience!
    2007-12-07 02:50 AM
  11. fmg00's Avatar
    amazing app!
    But I'm having some problems with songs in Spanish, besides not finding lyrics to most of them (to be expected) when I play a song with accented letter (,, etc) and special characters () the app keeps searching and never stops, not even to tell that nothing was found.
    2007-12-08 11:09 PM
  12. serkan55's Avatar
    same problem with turkish characters... additional i don't think there are any turkish lyrics in the database.

    Is the a way to add my own lyrics into this app? I saw the lyrics category in iTunes but that doesn't matter i think...
    2007-12-15 09:45 AM
  13. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    There's a new version available with lots of improvements. One thing though. It seems that the developer left all the features inactive when it's first installed.

    Swipe left, then go to Settings. You can now choose the font size as well as whether to use lyrics already embedded in the song or the external database or both! There are also options to select the search engine(s) and whether or not to auto-download.
    2007-12-26 12:16 AM
  14. jwcrash's Avatar
    Now that there's support for lyrics added in iTunes, I found an app called PearLyrics that will work it's way through any playlist, find song lyrics, and add them to the song in iTunes. I've found it exponentially more accurate than the engines built into Lyrics.app and highly recommend you give it a try. I ran it overnight and it found more than 80% of my song's lyrics. And now they all show up in Lyrics.app after a sync!

    Here's the DL page.
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    2007-12-26 04:58 AM
  15. eminem213486's Avatar
    heres a windows equivalent to pearlyrics

    works very well
    2007-12-26 08:18 AM
  16. brettt's Avatar
    anyone else unable to get any lyrics with this? it searches and turns up empty on every song.
    2007-12-27 10:46 AM
  17. fmg00's Avatar
    Im having the same problem with the last version, no lyrics found
    2007-12-28 06:18 AM
  18. drock999's Avatar
    Same here. Although it did find my 1980s Bon Jovi lyrics!!

    The Windows app above for finding lyrics and importing them into iTunes works awesome!

    It can be set on automatic a run overnight on your entire collection.
    2007-12-28 06:41 AM
  19. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    There's a fantastic new beta release of Lyrics that adds:

    - aac support
    - more search engines
    - PLAYBACK control! (play/pause, next, previous and volume)

    As of the last version, it can also read embedded lyrics, so this is finally a very complete solution! Big thanks to the author.

    You can download the beta here, for manual install:

    2008-01-03 07:23 PM
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