1. HotStuff2's Avatar
    Showed up under updates, but when I try to update, I get the (now familiar to me) "Main script execution failed!" error, and it won't update. Anyone have any clue as to WTH that's happening?

    This is from the Nullriver, Inc. source, so it's not a 3rd-party or anything. Now I'm stuck with a red 1 on the Installer, and can't get it to update. Not sure what's new, either...
    2007-12-03 02:29 AM
  2. MAGIK24's Avatar
    same...very annoying
    2007-12-03 02:39 AM
  3. Greenkirby21's Avatar
    installer in general for me is running very slow. Maybe the servers are down or something. But I am currently downloading the update, i will tell you guys about the update once I finish

    Ok I got it installed:

    i dont see anything major. Maybe it was the bug fix for the Dim Wallpaper issue people were having
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    2007-12-03 02:43 AM
  4. MAGIK24's Avatar
    Can't even connect to host now
    any luck kirby?
    2007-12-03 02:52 AM
  5. jbarrack's Avatar
    Im having the same issue its not downloading for me ... i came close a few times ... now i cant even connect to host ...
    2007-12-03 03:05 AM
  6. Greenkirby21's Avatar
    I connected to it just fine, but it seemed to lag. For example, just checking for sources on installer took about 1 minute on fiber optic wifi. Then, it found the update. It took about 1 minute for it to get from 0 to about 1/10 of the download bar. After about 5 minutes, it finally reached 3/4 of the bar and then quickly finished downloading. I went back to summerboard but I can't seem to find anything major. My guess is that it fixes a few bugs
    2007-12-03 03:12 AM
  7. MAGIK24's Avatar
    still wont work for me
    2007-12-03 03:18 AM
  8. HotStuff2's Avatar
    Took several tries, but finally updated. Servers are probably overloaded.

    Now I've got an iSolitaire conflict. Ste has 0.5 on his repo, but Chris Miles (the author) released 0.6. Updating to that triggers 0.5 on Ste's repo as an "update".
    2007-12-03 03:23 AM
  9. MAGIK24's Avatar
    ^^yep works fine now
    2007-12-03 03:26 AM
  10. ajl917's Avatar
    What are the changes?
    2007-12-03 03:32 AM
  11. pattulus's Avatar
    What are the changes?
    Hm…… I clicked away the text message so quick that I also want to know what the changes are.
    2007-12-03 03:56 AM
  12. HotStuff2's Avatar
    I didn't see any changes listed, but I re-enabled the Dim Wallpaper option, and so far no lockups or random reboots.

    Nothing on Nullriver's website or the "official" SummerBoard site (that one is way out of date anyway, it still says 1.1.1 needs to install manually.)
    2007-12-03 04:19 AM
  13. ajl917's Avatar
    Hmmm, I dont even have the Dim Wallpaper option, but no changes...
    2007-12-03 04:24 AM
  14. Tomer's Avatar
    same with me cant install it
    2007-12-03 04:30 AM
  15. Dash-2's Avatar
    Updated just fine here, no differences found yet...
    2007-12-03 04:36 AM
  16. Reako's Avatar
    AFAIK the Dim Wallpaper conflict was fixed with an earlier version.

    2007-12-03 05:36 AM
  17. beezink's Avatar
    i had problems installing it, but after a few tries it completed successfully.. you might want to try installing it a few times.. hope it helps
    2007-12-03 02:12 PM
  18. EmoRebellion's Avatar
    Updated just fine here, no differences found yet...
    Maybe just stability fixes?
    2007-12-03 06:28 PM
  19. armadillo's Avatar
    It looks like when switching theme settings like wallpapers there is no springboard relaunch and overall the theme switching has fewer visual weirdness.
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    2007-12-03 06:51 PM
  20. atm_10142k's Avatar
    If any one can tell me what id the latest verion oss summerboard is it 3.01b.
    2007-12-03 07:14 PM
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