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    Thanks to the posting by iphoneguy2007 I found these and felt they deserved their own thread:


    To install, add snipurl/hpcalc to Installer.app sources, and find the calculators listed under Utilities. http://snipurl.com/hpcalc is what the source should look like!
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    2007-12-03 04:21 PM
  2. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    looks good ill have to try this

    2007-12-03 04:28 PM
  3. NetMage's Avatar
    What little testing I've done shows them to be very responsive.
    2007-12-03 04:34 PM
  4. miketbone20's Avatar
    Pretty amazing programing skill.
    2007-12-03 07:32 PM
  5. jandrad's Avatar
    Thank you!!! Great apps.
    2007-12-03 07:49 PM
  6. exNewt's Avatar
    Great stuff.

    However, even though I am of Polish descent and an engineer I never got the hang of RPN. I seem to remember HP made at least one of these calcs with algebraic entry (i.e. an "=" sign). Any chance making one of those?
    2007-12-04 11:46 PM
  7. NetMage's Avatar
    You could ask the developer (not me)

    None of the HP-1x series calculators had an algebraic mode. (I have 3 of them ). The HP18C (with two keyboards) was the first algebraic model.

    If you are looking for an algebraic scientific, it will have to wait Though an HP-71 algebraic emulator would probably be great...
    2007-12-05 01:04 AM
  8. icepick4u's Avatar
    I endorse NetMage

    i love my 19BII calc, is virtually impossible to change for other , i use since come out around 1986.

    is expected to release any algebraic version ?

    thanks for all

    2007-12-07 04:49 AM
  9. TheOrioles33's Avatar
    Thats amazing! Over $200 worth of calculators on the iPhone! Very cool!
    2007-12-08 01:49 AM