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    Autosnap is a very cool little utility by the great Erica Sadun, that allows the user to snap an iPhone screenshot under control from your Mac, and automatically send it to your Mac Desktop, using the Erica Picture Sharing Browser. This is great, because I almost always want the screenshot on my Mac, and this saves many steps in getting it there.
    In addition, there are some shots that can't be taken any other way. (For example, try taking a screenshot below with another utility!)

    Previously, however, autosnap required the user to SSH in from the Mac, and launch the utility from Terminal, which negated a lot of the convenience. No more! I put in a request this morning, on Erica's page to add a toggle parameter to autosnap. She came up with a better idea (naturally), which was to add a daemon to run it. The advantage of that is you can start and stop it as a service using UIctl or iToggle. So now in two steps you can set up your phone to take screenshots and deliver them automatically to your Mac, without even using SSH!

    1) activate autosnap on the phone
    2) Launch the Erica Picture Sharing Browser on the Mac
    3) Click SavetoDesktop
    now you just click "FileThrowAutosnap-iPhone", and your screenshot will appear on the Desktop.

    If you need to take a series of screenshots and get them on your Mac, this is a really easy and fast way to do it. You'll have to install Erica's Utilities .52 or greater to do this, plus snag a copy of the Picture Sharing Browser. Here are the links:



    Thanks Erica!

    NOTE: Erica just added this caveat to her website:

    Earlier today, I put up a launch daemon for autosnap. Unfortunately, because autosnap runs as a purple application, it can conflict with other purple apps like Dock, etc. So please do NOT install the launch daemon unless you really know what youíre doing. Iím looking into finding out how to add it safely for general users.

    Update: On Nate Trueís advice, Iíve uploaded an Info.plist for autosnap. You can add this to /var/root/bin and it may allow autosnap to run as a non-purple app. I have not yet tested this so caveat iPhoner.

    Update 2: Tried it, doesnít work.
    So if you're running Dock, don't install this!
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    But how do you "activate autosnap on the phone"? I have Erica's utilities loaded and also the picture shareing on the computer. I can't find any instructions (as usual) for how to fire this up.

    Appreciate any advice.
    2007-12-08 03:33 PM
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    There are several different ways that you can activate autosnap on the phone:

    Method 1:

    If you've installed UIctl:

    • locate the item toward the bottom of the list called "com.sadun.autosnap" and click on it.
    • select "load -w" from the list, and when asked to confirm, click "Do it!"
    • To deactivate it, run UIctl again and this time after selecting "com.sadun.autosnap", choose "unload -w" and then click "Do it!"

    Then go to whatever screen you wish to snap and use either File Catcher or Picture Browser on your computer to take the picture by clicking on the Service name (FileThrowAutoSnap~).


    Method 2:

    I do this alot, which is why I wanted to have a REALLY easy way to turn it on and off. So I added a switch into iToggle to turn it on and off. This makes it a piece of cake.

    To make the service show up in iToggle, you have to add it to the daemons.plist in it's app folder/package. The settings are:

    icon- autosnap (I use a crummy little icon I made, but you can copy one of the others and rename it)
    label- Autosnap
    parameters- & kill $$
    processname- autosnap
    processpath- /var/root/bin/

    Now you'll get an on/off switch as shown below.


    There are several other methods you can use, but those are the easiest two. Notice in my iToggle screenshot, that SSH doesn't need to be on for this to work either!

    Here's a copy of iToggle 1.0.5 with the autosnap daemon key preinstalled. The version I use has been modified more, but the one I'm uploading here is stock except for the addition of the autosnap toggle.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thank you. I'll look into this.
    2007-12-09 12:14 AM
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