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    Sorry about that mainly a few issues cause i was rushing to get out the address book lookup... mainly thats where most computability issues are.
    For now we've put v0.5b back in installer as a sepparate download so that people with 0.6b issues can downgrade.
    Unfortunately i have to work on "real" work for most of this week so 0.7b won't be out until next week.

    Always glad to hear from people that like the app!!

    Random Projectèr
    2008-06-25 07:29 PM
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    Can you please make the search engine to search and match only last 7 digits, that would be great ! Because none of my contacts have +XXX prefix if it is from my country.

    This app is perfect for viewing MMSs ! Everyone agrees on hackint0sh and here, keep up with good work and put as much options and tweaks as possible. Please make it open faster also, when I tap the app I must wait like 15 seconds to open the app, 0.5beta was much faster. I have the latest 0.6beta now.

    2008-06-26 08:55 PM
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    Will this be compatible with Swirly v1.0?

    I've recently installed it and the new Swirly has a ton of new (better) features.

    Only thing is, the pictures are still small, although it does give you an option of saving the picture where you'd like it, but doesn't really work because it only saves it as a jpeg with no thumbnail. Which means you won't be able to view it from your camera roll. Unless you want to go through the process of renaming the file extension(which you can do from Swirly).

    What I like with this application is that it does it all automatically, which I'd like to keep doing. It also keeps pictures at a good viewable size. My one request I have is actually copying the picture over instead of moving. I just like having back ups of stuff.
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    2008-06-27 01:36 PM
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    Please put number recognition and delete few MMSs at once, put an option as it is now, delete one but add delete selected and all.

    Keep up !

    2008-06-27 01:45 PM
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    Sorry, but can't find the 0.5b version !

    Would u tell me where in Installer v0.5b is located?
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    2008-07-09 07:57 AM
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    I don't see 0.5b either. I'm having the same "unsupported format" error as 2 other people reported as well. Any suggestions? Other than that, this program rawks and I really hope to get it working. If swirley and this app were all one, we'd have a killer app on our hands.

    UPDATE: okay so I discovered that the bad format is referring to the file name formats as opposed to the file formats. I used mobile finder to delete the <222-2222> phone number in both the text file and the picure file, plus I also had to change my contacts name from two names to one in bot the txt and pic file. I think the format that worked was "contactname" mms title.txt (or .jpg for pic file) notice theres no phone number and the contact name has no spaces. After the file names matched it worked. Hope this gets worked out/helps others figure it out.
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    2008-07-10 12:54 AM
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    just use swirly 1.0. if you hit the "help" button it asks you if recieved pics are tiny, and if they are it gives you a new repo to add in installer so you can "fake" ur ifone into some other phone and recieve larger pictures. when u save them from swirly jus save them under apple100 or whatever and it automatically renames them properly with a thumbnail in ur cameraRoll. there is NO NEED for this app at all. it rely's on swirlyMMS to recieve them anyway, why would u need this if swirly does everything for you.
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    2008-07-10 02:38 AM
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    Yep, but they must find crack for Swirly 1.0 then ;-)
    2008-07-11 10:17 AM
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    Swirly MMS 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 Crack

    1. Install swirlyMMS
    2. Run swirlyMMS
    3. Get The demo licence by clicking on the “get demo” button
    4. Replace 'SwirlyMMS' & 'smshook.dylib' files
    in '/Applications/SwirlyMMS.app/' folder
    5. 'SwirlyMMS' should have setuid permissions (6777) & owner
    is 'root'
    6. 'smshook.dylib' should have execute permissions (0744) & owner
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    Enjoy MMSing

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    2008-08-17 01:50 PM
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