1. rofus's Avatar
    iDimLight is a new app that easy enables of the auto dim of backlight for SpringBoard/Summerboard, much better than the autolock to have always the screen visibile, wifi and connections active, avoiding overheat of the iPhone and saving battery without locking the phone.
    Controlling the backlight dimming is a really common feature with most of the phones, but iPhone never had it. But now, you can with this utility and without modding the original Preferences app of the iPhone. It is really simple to use. Just type the time (in seconds) after which you want the backlight to be dim and the application will give you a done pop-up and after respringing, it will start working. It can be disabled by changing the time to -1′.

    The app is available from Big Boss Repo, a Community Source on Installer.


    2008-06-18 11:34 AM
  2. Merriadok's Avatar
    thanx a lot.
    You can dream, still it will not get you closer.. You can't get something for anything.

    iPhone Accesories
    2008-06-18 12:22 PM
  3. Conundrum's Avatar
    I installed this along with erica's utils last night, and can't get it to work. I set the timeout to 60 seconds, but the screen still only dims 30 seconds or less before the phone autolocks (presently set at 5 mins). I've added /var/root/bin into the path station in /etc/profile as well with no luck. Still running 1.1.2 if that matters.
    2008-06-18 01:34 PM
  4. MacLunatic's Avatar
    Me too!

    2008-06-19 05:04 AM
  5. valentmetal's Avatar
    any chances of making iDimlight for 2.0 ?
    2008-09-09 08:02 AM
  6. Shinner23's Avatar
    I'd really love this app on 2.1, or something similar. Anyone have a recommendation?
    2008-09-19 04:37 PM