1. teriyakiboy13's Avatar
    how do you delete folders and files in SSH?
    2007-08-10 05:26 AM
  2. Jasper44's Avatar
    I use manzana to delete them
    2007-08-10 05:48 AM
  3. bijanm's Avatar
    hi, i am using a mac and would also like to know the answer to this question. ihave succesfully installed the NES emulator, but what if i wanted to uninstall it? how would i go about doing that?

    thanks for the help
    2007-08-10 06:17 PM
  4. 2002ss's Avatar
    use manzana
    2007-08-10 06:25 PM
  5. GreggSymington's Avatar
    how do you delete folders and files in SSH?
    I just did it this way.

    2007-08-10 06:28 PM
  6. cmoski's Avatar
    Ah, looks like another cross-compile of the bin kit.

    I've uploaded my cross-compile of the bin kit here http://www.modmyi.com/forums/downloa...do=file&id=367

    Just throw it in /bin and all file operations are avaliable via WinSCP or other SCP utility.
    2007-08-11 07:03 AM
  7. antiflash's Avatar
    on a mac, i have found that it's easiest to use SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) with cyberduck. it does require the sftp-server app, but you should already have that if you have loaded the bin kit. cyberduck is free...

    i have also heard of fugu being comparable and have downloaded it, but i'm already used to the duck...so i'm sticking with that for now
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    2007-08-11 01:14 PM