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  1. Kelvin224's Avatar
    so can anyone let me know how i can load my own pictures?
    selecting roll only loads one picture as mentioned from other people..
    please help me out, this new app is too good to be trueee!!
    2007-12-22 10:10 AM
  2. lanathan's Avatar
    Hey... for those Ipod Touch users struggling with this program when it comes to viewing photos I think I realized why. Iphones have a specified file which can be found at /var/root/Media/DCIM/100APPLE. On the Itouch just use whatever file viewing program you use and go to the media portion. Then create DCIM folder and then the 100APPLE. Then put jpeg pics in there.
    2007-12-23 11:23 AM
  3. caubeck's Avatar
    The folder already existed on my iPod but the app still doesn't work after I place photos there.
    2007-12-23 06:17 PM
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