1. jxw129's Avatar
    so i copied over all the files in binkit 0.06 into my iphone via WinSCP after I installed the terminal app and after restarting my iphone when i go into the terminal app it gives me a error saying something in the line of /bin/login permission denied. Everything was working fine before until i copied over binkit 0.06 to my phone.

    at this point i went back to WinSCP and changed every file i uploaded from binkit 0.06 octal to 0777. After restarting the phone again, the terminal app now works. However, I realize afterwards that i changed some other files's octal to 0777 that wasn't in binkit 0.06 that i copied over, so my questions is, will this affect anything with how my phone will function? Sorry to ask such a noob question, i realize the octal code is just setting the permission so technically it shouldnt affect my phone in anyway yea?
    2007-08-10 10:12 PM
  2. EmoRebellion's Avatar
    No, you shouldnt have any problems with raising the permissions on a file (well other than security in a different enviroment). You may have ran into issues if you had lowered some permissions on system files.
    2007-08-10 10:19 PM
  3. jxw129's Avatar
    yeah thats what i thought, i believe i edited one file that i wasnt suppose to to 0777 which im sure is higher than its original octal, so this shouldnt cause any problem since im not setting down the permission correct?

    one other thing is, should i change the folder's octal value or do i only need to change the files inside the folders' octal value when i add third party apps?

    you cant transfer over the files in binkit 0.06 using manzana can you?
    2007-08-10 10:24 PM