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    i was wondering if someone can provide me with the original octal value of the following files?

    1. octal value of the bin folder (bin folder in the root directory of iphone)

    2. octal value of launchctl inside bin folder

    3. octal value of libexec folder (in the root directory of iphone)

    4. octal value of sbin folder (in the root directory as well)

    according to the wiki guide, all files and applications transfered over via WinSCP should have their octal value changed to 0777, last night i encountered a problem with the terminal app telling me permission access denied after i copied over binkit 0.06 to my phone. so i went back and changed every file that i copied over from binkit 0.06 on the iphone to octal value 0777. after that, my terminal app worked again.

    Was it necessary to change every file's octal value? Or was it only necessary to change a specific few? Anyone with any idea to this, please help me out. Althought it wouldnt hurt or mess up any function of my phone since im only setting the permission higher correct? Regardless, i've made a few changes to things i didn't need to, so if anyone can provide me with the original octal values of the above mentioned, please help me out. Thank you.
    2007-08-10 10:09 PM