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    There will be a customizable note selection. Of course, the notes will refer to concert pitch...
    2007-12-29 02:38 AM
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    Hey just wanted to thank you for starting such a great project, I am downloading this right away and will gladly provide any feedback to help this project move along. Haha, I joined this forum specifically for this project so keep up the good work!

    Hmm... one question, how do I get this on my iPhone. I know how to ssh and browse my directory, I just dont know how to install this manually. Sorry for the noob question.
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    2007-12-31 12:43 PM
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    Copy the folder called "Funiculus.app" into the /Applications directory on your phone.

    Then, make sure the following permissions are 755:
    * the folder "Funiculus.app"
    * the file inside the folder called "funiculus"
    To do this, you probably can use your SSH client...I use WinSCP.
    But you could also use MobileFinder on your iPhone...just hit "Modify" for the specified files. The permissions are the Read, Write, Exec buttons. It doesn't use the number system (i.e. 755), so just make sure at least all the reads and execs are selected...you can select everything if you want.

    Restart your iphone, and it should pop up.

    2007-12-31 03:57 PM
  4. shmeetz's Avatar
    2008-01-02 11:02 AM
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    Well, I went ahead and threw together a new version for SourceForge. I don't think it's quite ready for primetime yet (ie Installer). But it's closer. I'm still waiting for someone to do some graphics for it. But in the meantime, I improved the current ones.

    I've also added a settings menu (which is pretty rough at this point). The only thing you can do at the moment is switch b/w Guitar and Banjo tunings. This is where alternate tunings/instruments will go...

    Here are some screenshots:


    I think a picture of the selected instrument might go well on this screen....

    As always, please let me know what works and what doesn't...
    Attached Thumbnails Funiculus Guitar Tuner - v0.01 (testers needed)-img_0224.jpg   Funiculus Guitar Tuner - v0.01 (testers needed)-img_0227.jpg  
    2008-01-02 11:37 AM
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    Funiculus is now available on the ModMyI.com installer source.

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A [select] [start] Kyle Matthews
    2008-01-02 08:54 PM
  7. Stealth1029's Avatar
    I'm a guitarist, I'll try it later, and get back to you.
    2008-01-03 08:01 AM
  8. indiepenguins's Avatar
    I downloaded this app and as I exited installer my phone was stuck in the iPod app. I held the home button for like 10 seconds and no luck. Same thing after a reboot. I had to restore my phone eventually. Anyone else have that problem?
    2008-01-05 06:07 AM
  9. JLA's Avatar
    There's nothing special that happens during Funiculus install...simply files are copied. So the program can't be at fault if it hasn't been run.

    I was in a similar situation about 2 months ago...I didn't have to restore though...can't remember how I fixed it. Maybe the BSD stuff was corrupted...whenever I would SSH, the iphone screen would go to the last program I ran, and I couldn't get back to Summerboard. And that SSH attempt would fail, but the second time would always work. I may have had to free up space in the OS partition. Did you have a lot of apps installed?
    2008-01-05 07:15 AM
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    Really looking forward to having the app show the name of the note being played, and how centered it is to concert pitch.
    2008-01-05 06:30 PM
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    Can someone lock this thread as funiculus no2 is allready awailable & there is a whole ne thread about it
    2008-01-05 06:42 PM
  12. hicktowngirl66's Avatar
    Ok, I have a acoustic 6 string Gibson Dove. I usually tune by ear. I'm using firmware 1.1.2.

    It seems to be very accurate on the high E and going down. A and low E seem to not register quite. They keep bouncing around until the sound completely fades.

    Overall, it is really awesome! Good job! Usually these types of devices are a bit pricey!
    2008-01-08 06:09 AM
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    I just can't have enogh apps. This must be a must for slash
    2008-01-08 06:21 PM
  14. djbashful's Avatar
    I am a sound engineer by profession and most of my days at work are show days. In the past couple of weeks I have used every opportunity to test out this tuner as I see it as a huge step towards the development of other extremely useful native apps. Here, generalized, are my findings. I found it difficult to detect the lowest strings on any unamplified guitar, acoustic or electric. However, on amplified guitars it seemed to work much better. When compared with the findings of a chromatic petal tuner, the amplified electric guitar was almost right on (maybe a little slower than the petal). This was true even on low strings. Please keep developing this application and others like it as I can see my iphone growing more useful every day I'm on stage.

    The next app that I'd like to see would be an RTA app to display real time audio measurements across a 31 band eq. This would be very very useful when ringing out monitors before a show or detecting the standing waves in an unfamiliar venue. I would be happy to donate to anyone who could make this work!
    2008-01-13 06:10 AM
  15. JLA's Avatar
    (I assume you're using the 0.02 version and not the 0.01 version...)
    If you want to help out, you can send me a brief audio recording of the acoustic guitar strings. The instructions are on the Funiculus homepage You can also leave specifications for your spectrum analyer thing...definitely sounds possible, but the upper limit would have to be 4kHz. JLA
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    2008-01-14 01:53 AM
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