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    How to use OpenURL for Dummies

    First, download OpenURL. Unzip and open. For this example I'm making a shortcut to call my friend Levy. Before we continue with OpenURL you need an icon to use. A few quick steps to make a polaroid icon with friends pic in it. See pics below:

    Ok, so now you have an icon to use. Back to OpenURL.

    Open OpenURL and you'll see the following files:

    Now that you've edited the OpenURL files to reflect your new shortcut app, just add it like any other app using iPhonebrowser etc. Once you've loaded your new app make sure you set permissions. The following example on how to do that I used Squid:

    Check the bottom left box and do this on EACH file in the app...

    There, all done. Now go test your new shortcut and call your friend. Continue on to learn how to use MultiStacks app and make those polaroid icons show in Stacks:

    How to use Stacks app to show shortcuts you just made

    1) Download the MultiStacks app
    2) Open iPhonebrowser (for this example) and save the entries file to your desktop. (See pic for example):
    *file is found by navigating to var/root/Prefences

    NOTE: When editing the entries file in Notepad, or another Text editor, the 3rd entry is the 1st shortcut you see on your Home screen.
    2007-12-25 01:35 AM