1. jedibugs's Avatar
    Clearly, third party apps are going to be the best way to add functionality to the iPhone, but I got to thinking: wouldn't it be cool to have some "replacement" apps for the iPhone? That is, apps the iPhone comes with, but that could use improvement.

    Here's what I came up with:
    1) Of course, MMS added to the SMS program would be a logical improvement.
    2) Calendar could, as many have mentioned, use an iCal makeover.
    3) Notes should have a little checkbox when you make a new note labeled "To do." If the box is unchecked, it's just a note, if you check it, then check boxes show up down the right column for every new line.
    4) Calculator is the most under-utilized, I think. We have an infinitely configurable interface and more computing power than any calculator on the market and we use it for the most basic calculator imaginable. I think there should be a multiple calculator option. Maybe several set up that can be swiped between, like when weather is configured for multiple cities. You can start with the calculator we have but have the ability to swipe to more advanced calculator interfaces like Financial, Scientific or even Graphing.

    What would you guys do to add to the official apps?
    2007-08-13 10:40 PM
  2. dmbaird's Avatar
    I would LOVE the calculator to do graphing!
    2007-08-17 01:51 AM