1. chuckb223's Avatar
    This guys been working on porting mame to the iphone, he now has it running but needs to build a controller.

    2007-08-18 12:24 AM
  2. EmoRebellion's Avatar
    Why use mame as a base for emulation? Its built for keyboard control, wouldnt it be easier to start with something closer to what we need?
    2007-08-18 12:32 AM
  3. chuckb223's Avatar
    Built for keyboard control? Its built to emulate just about every arcade game ever made. Everyone is doing backflips for the NES emulator and the games on that thing were just inferior ports of many arcade games.
    2007-08-18 02:14 AM
  4. JakeyBoy's Avatar
    Yeah Mame is it. Enless of course you got like halo on it or something. .
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    2007-08-18 05:35 AM