1. MOSHO92's Avatar
    For all you hardcore last.fm users out there. There is a version of mobile scrobbler that works brilliantly with 1.1.3



    to your sources and find it under media.

    Disclaimer: I didnt make this app. Credit to the author. I just found it and hadnt seen it posted here yet. It's still supposedly beta, but I think its pretty awesome. Adds a lot of functionallity that the previous version didnt have.
    2008-01-27 08:16 AM
  2. screamo's Avatar
    oh my gosh thank you so much! This is my favorite app on my touch and i was sad to find out the version i had didn't work so thank you for supplying this. I appreciate it alot.
    2008-01-27 08:41 AM
  3. sziklassy's Avatar
    I just got this... I passed out. Well not really, but almost. This is the most amazing app I have ever found. So good for riding in the car. None of this crappy radio stations listening to commercials and static. This will BY FAR AND WIDE be my most used app on the phone. nothing short of AMAZING!
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    2008-02-13 07:29 PM