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    Create an app to launch your favorite website!

    iPhone Apper

    Note: not sure if this has been posted, searched. haven't tested, anyone wanna give it a go? looks promising
    2007-08-19 04:14 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Nice, I like that. Was just looking for something like that to launch from my iPhone.

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    2007-08-19 04:19 PM
  3. r00t4rd3d's Avatar
    2007-08-19 04:37 PM
  4. j00sh's Avatar
    niiice! ugh oh, no service?
    2007-08-19 04:40 PM
  5. LoringStudios's Avatar
    hahaha. Thats funny. WHen I have no service I made my phone say "DAMN SERVICE" lol
    Loring Studios Graphic Design Company | Serving the world, one cool job at a time.
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    2007-08-19 04:48 PM
  6. SiLeNtKiLLa's Avatar
    2007-08-19 04:52 PM
  7. JedixJarf's Avatar
    Works like a charm
    2007-08-19 05:36 PM
  8. SiLeNtKiLLa's Avatar
    Does anyone mind making an app for me... I keep getting an freakin ERROR when I attempt to do it. Thanks.

    Name: JiveTalk
    Icon: In attachment
    Attached Images iPhone Apper!-icon.png 
    2007-08-19 06:17 PM
  9. j00sh's Avatar
    here ya go

    Attached Files
    2007-08-19 06:21 PM
  10. SiLeNtKiLLa's Avatar
    here ya go

    Thanks a bunches...installing now
    2007-08-19 06:23 PM
  11. pingwhen's Avatar
    my computer died today and I want a be jive button I use it all the time man this is lame
    2007-08-19 06:40 PM
  12. billchase2's Avatar
    nice! installing the flickIM one now.
    2007-08-19 07:27 PM
  13. abalfour's Avatar
    Don't know if any of you need this...but here it's for having an icon that go to this modmyiPhone webpage...

    So the folder (directory) has the following files when you first copy it from your PC directory to the iPhone's /Applications folder (directory).

    Default.png (use chmod or WinSCP to change the permission to 0777)
    Embark (use chmod or WinSCP to change the permission to 0755)
    icon.png (use chmod or WinSCP to change the permission to 0777)
    Info.plist (use chmod or WinSCP to change the permission to 0777)
    Thumbs.db (Delete this file)

    For all of you wizards...don't even say it...I know...the permissions don't have to be exactly those above, but hey, let's make this's NOT rocket science...

    Now in your DisplayOrder.plist which resides in the
    /System/Library/CoreServices/ folder (directory), you will need to add the following;

    <string>OTHER ICONS THAT YOU HAVE</string>
    ADD THIS LINE <dict>
    ADD THIS LINE <key>displayIdentifier</key>
    ADD THIS LINE <string>com.modiphon.embark</string>
    ADD THIS LINE </dict>

    Now, if you have multiple Icon screen pages using xxxx.plist like I do, then you will need to put the above four lines in the <key>iconList</key> area of the page that will show the new modiPhon and in the <key>special</key> area of any pages where you don't want the new
    Icon to show up.

    Good luck...the force be with you...and I take NO responsibility for any Bricks resulting from the above mods.
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    2007-08-20 12:50 AM
  14. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Good info, thanks.

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    2007-08-20 03:36 AM
  15. abalfour's Avatar
    I really appreciate your efforts as well as so many others on these forums.

    My one concern is that, many posts do not provide enough info for most people that may be interested in "personalizing" their iPhones, who have little or no knowledge of what needs to be done or what should NOT be done.

    Perhaps a "Newbies" ONLY type of forum where lower end, simplified but somewhat detailed procedures could be posted by some interested wizards wanting to help the unknowing.

    In that way, it would not fill up the more higher level discussion forums and provide those wizards faster access to exchange their ideas so that more Apps and Utilities could be developed to benefit all of us.

    Just some thoughts...
    2007-08-20 03:59 AM
  16. r00t4rd3d's Avatar
    They have updated it some what , now shows more "Recents"
    2007-08-20 04:05 AM
  17. fullmetalcat's Avatar
    Doesn't work for me... Theres no icon or anything, it doesn't show up on the homescreen. Can someone post one for meebo?
    EDIT: nevermind, got it to work.
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    2007-08-20 09:50 AM
  18. joemasta's Avatar
    i have no probs making the app, but when i load it into the iphone, i see the app, but no icon, and when i touch it, it just blink, and i get nothing, anyone have this prob, i have made the apps on both mac and PC, and get the same result...
    2007-08-20 07:54 PM
  19. vivalanation734's Avatar
    I made a couple apps and then added them to my phone via sftp.... but i cant see them or open them.

    *i can see them in mobile finder and launcher, but they wont open.. any help?*
    2007-08-20 09:20 PM
  20. icedx2's Avatar
    yea i just get the app.. cant "show package contents or anything, doesnt work... sigh
    2007-08-21 02:16 AM
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