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    With 1.1.3s addition of webclips, and now the jailbreak, we have a whole new world of hybrid web/native apps that are easy to make.

    The "meat" of it is basically a bookmarklet that is modified to fit in a native webclip with a neat little icon or your choosing.

    I'm hoping (if this idea catches on) that this can be made into a sticky so we can share our 'webcliplets' with each other.


    Here's the first one I've made: Its a webclip that, when pressed, opens up a new safari page and immediately pops up a dialog box to "Type the word to define". Press ok and you are taken to the results page at

    To install this webcliplet,

    1) create a dummy webclip (from any page)
    2) SSH into iPhone and navigate to /var/mobile/Library/WebClips
    *** use /var/root/Library/WebClips if you used NateTrue's jailbreak
    3) Identify the dummy webclip
    4) Overwrite the icon.png and info.plist file of the dummy with the icon.png and info.plist of the webcliplet
    5) Enjoy
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    2008-01-29 04:01 AM