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    Made a couple quick apps for myself and thought others might find them useful:

    Gcal app - simply opens Safari to .....better than a webclip because it uses the default icon and taps the in order to display the day/date on the icon.

    Gmail app - simply opens Safari to .....better than a webclip if you want to replace the dock mail link with a link to the web-based version (I don't think you can move a webclip into the dock, at least not yet?). Uses an icon with the Gmail logo and the same styling effects as a webclip.

    If anyone comes up with some better icons for these (particularly one that integrates the day/date overlaid on a google calendar icon), please share.
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    2008-01-31 09:25 PM
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    This thread is old, but I found no answer but yours by google searching this.

    Anyway, icons for Gmail, Reader, Talk, and Calendar all work if you point iPhone Safari to etc. instead of the usual
    2008-07-15 06:59 PM