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    So, you download this really cool theme and load it on your phone but the Cydia and WinterBoard (and WbApp) icons are missing. So now you have to ssh into your device, locate the theme folder and then I usually just copy the Icons folder over to my laptop. Now I start looking for an icon that will work for Cydia, hey an Installer icon will work. What about WinterBoard, yup copy over the SMBPrefs icon. So now that we have a WinterBoard icon we can copy that one as WbApp. Hey look they frigged up the App Store icon and called it AppStore, let's fix that too. Wait I remember the preview didn't show the Settings icon, they couldn't have messed that up did they? Yup it's named Settings-icon, copy that one over to its right name. Now you copy the new icons back to your device and reload SpringBoard.

    ...what if your device could do this for you?

    Flippin' sweet, eh? I thought so.....

    Introducing WbApp v0.37, now with +Patch (or plus patch). See screenshots below.
    Here's the "+Patch" button:

    Here's some before and after patch examples:

    please note it was ME that deleted the WinterBoard icon and NOT WbApp, got a little carried away in testing and documenting the update

    Oh yeah, added theme counts to the headers for each section...

    just noticed a little typo there, I'll fix it in the next update
    I also noticed it's not counting themes but the number of letters, I'll get that fixed too

    * +Patch will even transform the icons in an iSwitcher theme (needs to reside in either the WinterBoard or SummerBoard theme folder.
    * v0.38 should add the ability to add your own rules to the patch list.
    * The longest patch has been for iGlassSol, it takes about 15 seconds to fully patch... yup it has that many incorrect icons
    * Oh yeah, it either beeps (iPod) or vibrates (iPhone) to let you know it's done.

    Once it has been tested by a few "power users" I'm sure we'll put it up on Cydia. I feverishly working on v0.38 that will allow you to enter your own "patch rules".

    Download LINK
    After install you MUST set the permissions on mycp, run ./patch.sh and it will do it for you.

    Change log:

    Added "+" Patch button to the options view. Patch will, well patch a theme for you. Many themes do not have a WinterBoard icon but have an SMBPrefs icon, so we copy that as WinterBoard. Almost no theme is going to have an icon for WbApp but it has a WinterBoard icon, we copy that one. Once the patch has completed it will play a tone / vibrate (iPod / iPhone) to signify it has completed. Unfortunately this requires (yet again) special permissions on a file (mycp) otherwise it can not copy any files. As long as Cydia maintains the permissions in the .app folder or if it can set them after install (chmod +s mycp) then we should be all set. This patch function will actually "patch" all the standard icons in an iSwitcher .thm folder (MobileTimer = Clock).

    Note: +Patch, as we'll call it, DOES NOT over write ANY existing file even if there is a rule for it. So if the theme already has a WinterBoard icon, it will not be changed.

    Added total themes to navbar headers
    Renamed tabbar sections
    Updated Default image

    Added # of times a theme was loaded to a plist file and I remove the "! Tap for Info !" theme after 15 theme loads. It will however ALWAYS list the notice if there are less than 10 themes. This will help hard-core themer's as they will not see the "! Tap for Info !" theme, nor do they need to.

    Revised the code to write out the WinterBoard plist file

    Revised error trapping / new user to only add the theme named "! Tap for Info !" if the theme count is less than 24 (superseded)

    Revised Default.png to include Requires WinterBoard notice

    Started work on adding html view. Um yeah, not so much worked out here so back to 0.32 and up to 0.34 ;-)

    Revised error trapping to now include at least one theme named "! Tap for Info !"
    This has a special preview w/information about WbApp and will prevent the no themes crash, even if deliberate.

    Revised the "Load Theme" action to NOT load the Info theme.

    Revised theme listing process:
    A. Now lists Saurik.theme in the main list

    Added error trapping for no themes:
    A. Lists "!! No Themes Found" and preview file tells the user to download themes (superseded)

    Revised theme listing process:
    A. Increased capacity

    Added notice for themes with Wallpaper.html:
    Displays a custom wallpaper with notice that theme has Wallpaper.html file
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    damn this is sweet looks like you spent a whole lot of time on this i'm going to try as soon as my phone restores
    2008-08-19 03:54 AM
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    Will this update will be available on cydia soon?
    2008-08-19 04:07 AM
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    What chmod permissions do I have to set to get the patch feature to work. I don't know what to enter. When are you going to put it on cydia?
    2008-08-19 04:29 AM
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    I can put it on my iphone through SSH but I'll admit it i'm to laaaazy, any ideas as to when it will be available on Cydia???????

    By the way nice work I love the look of the version I'm using at the moment and am looking forward to this update. (I supose I'm going to have to SSH it up.

    2008-08-19 04:40 AM
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    What are the 4th and 5th theme called?
    2008-08-19 11:33 AM
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    Sorry... been working on the "update patch list" function so you will be able to add your own patch definitions.

    Example: You would add "Services.png" as the source and "BossPrefs.png" as the target to update some older SummerBoard themes.
    Example 2: You know the theme has a "FiveDice.png" so you add that as the source and then add "Yahtzee.png" as the target.
    Example 3: Add "Navizon.png" as the source and "Remote.png" as the target and add "SwapTunes.png" as the source and "Remote.png" as the target. It is priority driven and once an icon has ben copied over, regardless of the number of patches it will not replace an existing icon. So in this example, if a Navizon.png file is copied, it will never copy the SwapTunes.png file.

    So back to the question at hand; once you ssh to your device either run ./patch.sh from the WbApp.app folder or run "chmod +s mycp" from the WbApp.app folder.

    What are the 4th and 5th theme called?
    ChocoMilk #4
    Lush #5
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    Hoping that this will be available for Cydia soon.
    Great work there btw, extremely useful feature you added
    2008-08-19 09:09 PM
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    already on cydia
    2008-08-20 12:45 AM