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    I only installed iXfer yesterday, but it only took a day to screw up my laptop.
    As I was flicking between the working and yet to be implimented tabs I noticed in the "status bar", a message saying "copying //example/blah/files/from/iphone..."

    These evidently copied to the root of my c: drive, into various system folders without any kind of confirmation as to whether I want to overwrite these system files, and now the machine wont boot up. There's a flash of a blue screen of death and then it reboots.

    So, I can either try and work out which files were copied over and remove/restore them, or re-install the OS on the laptop.

    Just a word of warning to those who havent tried using iXfer yet, try and do a bit of research on it or get some kind of confirmation from others, that this hasnt happened before.


    This webpage didnt render correctly earlier so I oculdnt post the image of the "copying" message. See Attached.
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