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    Released: 06-Feb-2008

    iSwitcherAE w/WebClips
    Updated - fixed a problem displaying memory on Touch, v2.74.7 has been released.

    This release enhances several functions as well as adds a new icon option. iSwitcherAE nows can install WebClip icons, obviously theme based. All any theme needs is an icon named "WebClip.png" and if enabled, the WebClip function will replace your existing, non-matching web clips with theme matching icons. The enhanced Restore function that was added to v2.74.2 has been expanded to also backup your web clip icons before they are replaced. This means that if you ever want to return your icons to the original state, it's simply a "swipe and tap" process. The System Information section has been enhanced; it now includes the device's name and memory available on 300 MB partition.

    The Carrier logo, by default, only installs AT&T carrier. To alter simply edit the iSwitcherAE.app/Info.plist file. You will see which two entries to alter for ANY carrier.

    Before WebClips:

    After WebClips:

    System Info:

    All theme paks have been updated.
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    2008-02-06 05:52 PM
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    Great! I was trying to figure out how to make web clips match my theme icons!

    One question (sorry to hijack the thread), but do you have any plans to include the header battery, wifi bars and signal bars in iSwitcher? I ask because I have been wanting to package a couple of custom themes to use in iSwitcher. Currently I need to swap wallpapers in my photo album, use Customize to swap wifi, signal bars and header battery, carrier icon. It would be nice to have one program like iSwitcher do it all.
    2008-02-06 06:42 PM
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    Re: WiFi, header battery, signal bars.

    I don't have plans to add those features, mostly because I don't view them as theme related. Perhaps you can change my mind
    2008-02-06 08:22 PM
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    Interesting but I think of those more as theme related than I do the charging battery, although I have that modded as well, just keep the same one.

    Here are two screenshots of my custom themes - BMW and Audi. What can I say I love German sports cars.
    Attached Thumbnails iSwitcherAE v2.74.7 w/WebClips-screenshotbmw.png   iSwitcherAE v2.74.7 w/WebClips-screenshotaudi.png  
    2008-02-07 12:46 AM