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    I loaded NES onto my phone last night and was haveing a small issue. I skinned my phone and using the demo app as my full page background. Problem with this is that now all apps are being placed after it and i would like to remove field test and replace it with NES. I changed the folder to fieldtest to remove it from the list but now demoapp is the last icon on the 3rd row and NES went to the next row 1st icon.

    How can i switch the order of them? I checked the displayorder.plist and there wasnt an entry for the NES app.

    since they werent in the displayorder.plist they needed to be added. You get the file information from the Application\app info.plist
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    I also wanted to know how to reorder 3rd party app, mostly so I can keep MobileFinder on the main screen. The only apps that show up in the DisplayOrder.plist are Launcher and Installer.
    2007-08-22 09:13 PM
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    okay its not that hard ill walk you through it being a little more descriptive....

    When you install an application you are making a folder inside the Applications folder itself correct? So you would have a folder.

    Open the corresponding application folder and then open the Info.plist file located inside it using a text editor of your choice.

    Within this file you will see two lines that look similar to what follows (EX):

    Copy the identifier string located inside the <string> tags. "com.natetrue.iphone.nesapp"

    Now open your DisplayOrder.plist file

    and then add in your own entry for that application under the iconList array....



    Once you do this be sure to restart your phone and you'll have an icon for the corresponding application.
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