1. gravytrain's Avatar
    Many of us would like to try and create apps for the Iphone. We know MMI is full of expert coders, but alot can be gleaned from your knowledge. Please throw us some bones....

    1. What programs do you guys use in creating applications?
    2. How do you set up forms?
    3. Can someone create some basic templates?
    4. Provide some code snipets please
    5. How about a few tutorials like

    2007-08-23 12:59 AM
  2. asdfeeee's Avatar
    I agree. The problems lies in the fact the only way to compile apps is through the toolchain, which to my knowledge still only work with Intel Macs. Its not the easiest thing to get compiled, let alone functional, I tried, many times.

    You can find all the code samples you need in the current apps most notably the NES.app and Ericas apps.

    I really enjoyed that website. While I'm all for good design, its not the number one priority right now.
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    2007-08-23 04:05 AM
  3. HighTymes's Avatar
    I like this idea, I want to make some programs from scratch but I have a feeling it maybe too hard if there is no experience behind it.
    2007-08-25 10:05 PM
  4. drunknbass's Avatar
    you need t know programming like c or cocoa
    2007-08-26 12:09 AM
  5. tobi1207's Avatar
    Everybody who thinks this is too hard or to difficult for him should check out screendelight.com - they make creating apps easy for everybody, without previous knowledge.

    How to build & sell an iPhone App in under one hour | ScreenDelight
    2009-10-20 04:30 PM