1. swell's Avatar
    My question is, can you get at the iphone's file system(on your computer, i know about mobile finder) perferably on a mac but im down with windows too. oh i forgot i can't get ssh to work, tried it half a dozen times. lastly, if anyone is connected to the iFuntastic people ask if they soon will have a way to do this. so basically i would like a program that is like fugu just without the whole ssh, just computer connetion through usb. thanks for your help if you can get me something.

    p.s. i found that if you use iphonedrive to get some(not apps.) files onto the iphone you can move them through mobileFinder.
    2007-08-23 10:40 AM
  2. incentia's Avatar
    If you only want to transfer files between iphone and your pc, You can try iphonebrowse. But it can't change the permission of the file.
    2007-08-23 11:29 AM
  3. antiflash's Avatar
    Personally, I would work to get SSH working. That opens up tons of possibilities, primarily SFTP (via fugu, cyberduck, etc). It's great to only have to jailbreak the phone once...then be able to mod it with SFTP thereafter... but that's just me.

    Oh...and you can change permissions (similar to CHMOD) in the graphical SFTP clients...so that's a plus
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    2007-08-23 05:25 PM
  4. swell's Avatar
    i did get it to work, and the wierd thing was it was easy. i had tried it so many times and then i uninstalled openssh - reinstalled and its been working perfect ever since. thanks to everyone who replied.
    2007-08-24 02:32 AM