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    Treasure Hunter is a new game application for the IPhones that has just become available on the ITunes. The game is designed by Teemsoft, an experienced software developer from Boston that has previously created Cubicman and Whack The Groundhog. As Teemsoft’s newest game, Treasure Hunter is using an innovative game engine and has excellent graphics.
    Treasure Hunter takes place in mysterious locations that are filled with both treasures and dangers, like the ocean, the desert, and ancient archaeology sites. Players’ primary objective in the game is to collect as much treasure as possible with a special designed submarine/ground digger. The game play is simple. Players just have to click the screen to throw out the hook. After that the hook will automatically pick up any object in its path, both Good and Bad. However, the game is not that easy as it might sound, and it will seriously challenge the player’s reflexes and judgment. As the hook is in a constant motion under the influence of ocean currents and dust storms, players will have to act at the right moment and time the pick up correctly. Besides the valuable treasures, those places are also filled with hazardous objects that will interfere with the game play, such as mines and worms. In addition, there are also various power up items in the game that can be carried through stages. Players can simply pick those up during the game play and use them at any time by clicking on the item. Items such as bombs and speed halos can be extremely helpful throughout the game.
    In order to complete each stage, players must reach a certain score within the 60-second time limit. Since the late stages can be quite difficult, it’s wise for players to keep a high score from the beginning. Treasure Hunter contains 50 stages and is priced at only $2.99. This means hours of wonderful gaming experience at this low price!!!! Treasure Hunter is a fun and addictive game, and it will bring you hours of enjoyment. A must-have game for your IPhones!!!!
    2008-08-29 12:55 AM
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    some pictures in the game
    Attached Thumbnails Treasure Hunter, A Awesome New Game Apps!-th_gameing.png   Treasure Hunter, A Awesome New Game Apps!-tr1.png   Treasure Hunter, A Awesome New Game Apps!-tr2.png   Treasure Hunter, A Awesome New Game Apps!-tr3.png   Treasure Hunter, A Awesome New Game Apps!-tr4.png  
    2008-08-29 01:09 AM
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    Looks good. If its remotely close to the Boat Treasure Claw mini-game in Zelda I'll be one happy camper
    2008-08-29 01:42 AM
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    thanks, this is a pretty fun game
    and yes, it is similar to the treasure claw mini game in zelda except this one gets more and more challenging as you move on
    2008-08-29 01:48 AM