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    has anyone else noticed that if they remove categories 2.00b from your iphone 2.1 (first gen, 2g) that your springboard now does not save your icon locations.

    here is what i did:
    -installed categories 2.00b
    -created 4 folders
    -added apps to folders but still left a page of icons on my dashboard (per guide suggestion)
    -decided i didn't want to use categories anymore, then removed all apps from the folders/categories
    -removed folders/categories (again per guide)
    -removed categories via Cydia
    -powered off/on iphone; and now iphone DOES NOT REMEMBER where icons should go.
    -reinstalled categories and still does not remember locations

    i am running iPhone 2.1 software, unlocked/jailbroken on Tmobile w/quickpwn.

    i will be doing a restore tonight to fix this but just a heads up to anyone that may be uninstalling and to bigboss.

    once performance and stability get better i'll be using this baby!
    2008-09-15 06:33 PM
  2. bbplayer5's Avatar
    This app keeps crashing for me I just repwned my phone and i cant get it to work.
    2008-09-16 10:26 PM
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