1. stitchwod's Avatar

    Buzzer! is now available in the MMI repo for iPhone/iTouch (2.0+)

    Buzzer! is a 2 player split screen Music Quiz which randomly selects the sync'd music on your iPhone/iTouch for all of the 6 different Music Rounds.

    More information can be found on this webpage I put together: Buzzer!

    Here are a few screen shots:

    Please download and post feedback here.

    Go get plenty of music sync'd to your iPhone/iTouch and enjoy!

    Thank you.
    2008-09-05 10:22 PM
  2. netuser's Avatar
    OMG this thing is amazzing.

    Thanks so much for creating such Fun Stuff
    2008-09-05 10:27 PM
  3. whateverman24791's Avatar
    Just downloaded it...A+!
    2008-09-06 03:31 PM
  4. mikeymcco's Avatar
    love this game!
    2008-09-06 03:49 PM
  5. Midian's Avatar
    amazing game! really fun and addictive

    2008-09-06 04:00 PM
  6. marys25's Avatar
    awesome game!!
    2008-09-06 04:41 PM
  7. stitchwod's Avatar
    Seriously, thank you very much for posting.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the game. It was fun to make, and i'm happy with the initial result.

    I have received a few recommendations for updates so will try and look into those shortly.

    2008-09-09 08:06 AM
  8. mcdj's Avatar
    amazing game! really fun and addictive

    um, coming from the guy who claimed to have bought "I Am Rich" for $1000, then disappeared when we asked to see the iTunes receipt, why should we believe a word you say ever again? Losah.
    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.
    2008-09-12 02:22 AM
  9. ianhutch1's Avatar
    Seems like a good app but when I start the game I cant hear any of the music playing.

    Any ideas
    2008-09-15 03:54 AM
  10. stitchwod's Avatar
    I had a bit of spare time so updated Buzzer!

    Version 1.1 is now available on Cydia.

    - You can now choose which rounds to play and how many questions per round
    - All tracks with a duration over 8 minutes are excluded from quiz (ie: audio books)

    2008-11-25 08:19 AM
  11. tias's Avatar
    great game, thanks a lot!!

    we really have a lot of fun with this game..

    - All tracks with a duration over 8 minutes are excluded from quiz (ie: audio books)
    maybe you could also exclude all tracks that are categorised as audio books? most of my audio books have tracks that are shorter than 8 minutes, but still appear in buzzer..

    and since you are able to mark audio books in itunes, this might be a way to get them out of buzzer?!
    2008-11-25 12:29 PM