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    The problem I am having is that ihour wallpapers aren't showing up the weather. My theme icons change but no wallpaper. I read something that you can't use two Wallpaper.html. Do you know how I can fix this.
    2008-09-09 11:03 PM
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    Yes the last part I already figured it out. So you mean i can put the Refresh time to 1 month so that it never auto refresh. And when I will do respring it will auto update ? Or i have to do respring through WbApp ?
    Respring by whatever means you like and when the SpringBoard reloads, it reloads WinterBoard and when WinterBoard reloads, so does your theme which mean so does your weather info.

    You do need to set the weather settings to update in: 43776 before you respring.

    Just to try and be very clear, you only need to use WbApp to make changes to the WbWeatherWidget OR change something in your WinterBoard themes, like load a different theme, turn off a theme, etc.
    2008-09-10 01:47 AM
  3. ksiphone's Avatar
    wbapp is great! this is a must if you have winterboard and are a novice at using themes. straightforward yet seemingly very powerful! well done.
    2008-09-10 05:05 AM
  4. CyberGreg's Avatar
    Thanks... On my iPod I have well over 140 themes, many of which are not themes at all but what I call 'extras', like keyboards, sounds, wallpapers, etc. It's pretty time consuming scrolling in either the main list or in any of the pickers to scroll over items that frankly shouldn't be there (i.e. if you are setting preferences do you really need to see any of the "icon" based themes? along the same line, you are scrolling through the main list you know you aren't going to 'preview' a keyboard or sound so why have it there?).

    Next up is the ability to categorize themes as "Extras" to pare down the theme list. Once you have identified your "Extras" you can enable using your "Extras" list in the preferences.

    There is also an easier way, simply rename the theme folder as .extra and all this will be done for you by WbApp. This in no way impedes WinterBoard or its functionality.
    Edit: but then you loose the ability to update the theme later on... not such a good idea... oh well..

    Edit oh and this only applies to WinterBoard themes

    Sneak peek...
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] WbApp v0.63 w/WbWeatherWidget-set_extra.jpg  
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    2008-09-10 05:23 AM
  5. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    gotta admit this is quite nice
    2008-09-11 05:34 PM
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    Need your help. I need deleting some duplicate files from the pc but i dont know how to. As i understrand some duplicate file finder is needed for this. I know only Clone Remover. The question - i really need app for deleteing the clones and is Clone Remover right for this?
    are u drunk ?
    2008-09-13 05:41 AM
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    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    2008-09-13 05:42 AM
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    Just installed this on 2.1 firmware as it looks like a great app. But when it resprings it just says loading and a question mark in the bubble where the weather is. I have entered London, UK as the location. What am i doing wrong?

    Trying to do , it seem for timebeing i cant embed 2 html, have to find the way to make it work. Will post it once i am sucessfull.

    Ok Good news I made it Work Give ma a minute , i ll post here first you can test and CyberGreg can check how he can automatise it

    Look screen shot

    here is the zip :

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    How it works the top one is in the main folder the bottom one is in the subfolder inside private folder called "WeatherWidget" Now you can jsut play with CSS to place where you want and how you want

    Have fun and do give feedback and also share your CSS also if you make nice one
    Nice theme Netuser. Whats it called?
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    2008-09-16 01:22 PM
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    it is ChocoMilk
    2008-09-16 02:44 PM
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    Just installed this on 2.1 firmware as it looks like a great app. But when it resprings it just says loading and a question mark in the bubble where the weather is. I have entered London, UK as the location. What am i doing wrong?

    Nice theme Netuser. Whats it called?
    I have this problem too! Installed weatherwidget by the prescribed method but all I see is "Loading ..." at the top left corner and some text on the next 2 lines. Please see pic!

    I've reinstalled many times. Someone help pls..
    2008-10-05 11:51 AM
  11. CyberGreg's Avatar
    this isn't a thread to discuss problems with manual installs of the weather widget, please use the other thread.
    2008-10-06 01:46 AM
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    EDIT: moving my post to the other thread (it doesnt belong here)
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    2008-11-12 10:12 PM
  13. iceaxe's Avatar

    i install wbapp, and i didn't get to see the application.
    but i get to see it in winterboard. is there any other files i need to install???

    all my editing needs to be done by SSH, find it very troublesome.
    2009-01-20 03:10 AM
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