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    iLauncher is the application launcher included with iSwitcher. I've created a nice shell script to load all the non-Apple apps into it. As long as you can SSH into your iPhone OR you have Terminal installed (who doesn't?), you'll be good to go.

    Here's what it does:
    First it scans through all your Applications and copies any icon.png as l_icon.png
    Second it looks for 'Lights Off.app' and if found copies icon.png as l_icon.png (who's the brainiac that put a space in the name of the app?)
    Third it scans back through all your applications and removes any l_icon.png files for all the default Apple applications.

    Once run all the non-Apple apps you have installed will show up in iLauncher.

    Put the attached file (REMOVE THE .TXT from the file) in your /usr/bin folder and chmod +x it to make it executable. To run it from Terminal or SSH simply type Loadapps
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