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    iMonkey is a MediaMonkey Client for the iPhone/iPod Touch and is a native iPhone application that allows you to control MediaMonkey anywhere in your house. I don't use ITunes, I use the wonderful MediaMonkey for my huge music collection of over 70,000 songs. I know Apple has Remote for ITunes but i wanted something similar for controlling MediaMonkey from my iPhone. I wanted to be able to Play Pause, Stop, etc as well as browse my playlist and select a new song. Great for parties or for DJ's who want their PC's hidden from their partygoers but still want complete control over the music playing! iMonkey consists of two pieces...a server piece which runs on your PC and the client piece which runs on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The server piece included here is called iMonkey.exe and is critical to using iMonkey on the iPhone.

    The purpose of this program is simple: to allow control of your MediaMonkey from your iPhone/iPod Touch with the touch of a finger.

    Don't be a slave to your PC anymore, rock out from anywhere in your house!

    Check it out...

    iMonkey - iPhone/iPod Touch Client for MediaMonkey
    2008-09-17 04:24 AM
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    This is cool thanks. Im going to check it out right now.
    2008-09-17 04:16 PM
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    Six bucks is a little steep for a simple controller in my opinion. Another app. to crack and try I guess...
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    2008-09-17 04:51 PM