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    That is not the correct fix.

    Finder_ has special permissions (SUID bit) so that it can run as root - this gives it permission to modify files in other directories. Taking SUID off will disable a lot of Finder's capabilities for dealing with System Files.

    The correct fix is to change the permissions of /var/mobile/Library/Preferences to be 777. (RWX for everything).

    Note that a similar problem occurred with MobileFinder when Apple first switched from running applications as user root to running them as user mobile.

    Unfortunately, some type of bug (or Apple's coding of Preferences) causes the permissions on the com.googlecode.MobileFinder.plist file to be reset back to 600 when the Home button is pressed in MobileFinder. This will cause the preferences to be unreadable on the next startup and the program will revert to defaults.

    If you remember to always use the Settings|Close option, you can get around this.
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    any computer guru's better than me that can figure out how to fix the email functionality of mobilefinder. I have tried a few things no success, just more blank emails. I think that apps like mobilefinder and filebrowser for iphone are the best email files to friends ,family and especially for work/business. Hope someone figures it out
    2008-09-26 12:29 AM
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