1. newskin's Avatar
    just saw an app named backgrounder, in cydia. Is this what we IM'ers been waiting for?
    2008-10-02 06:21 PM
  2. bbplayer5's Avatar
    im going to give this a try with pandora
    2008-10-02 06:39 PM
  3. ltjbigshot's Avatar
    it works really well for me..... sweet app!

    even works with pandora!!
    Sent from my iPad
    2008-10-02 06:59 PM
  4. svtguy08's Avatar
    Just tried it as well. This is freakin' trick! Mad props to the developer!

    THANK You
    2008-10-02 07:26 PM
  5. heath_rox's Avatar
    what is it?
    what does it do (let apps run in the background im guessing)
    "Its better to be a pirate than join the navy"Steve Jobs
    2008-10-02 07:30 PM
  6. obijuan's Avatar
    yea it lets you run apps in the background and it works great!

    when you have an app open hold done the home button for a little bit and a popup will show and say something like "background enabled" and then when you let go it returns to your home screen and the app continues to run
    2008-10-02 07:40 PM
  7. newskin's Avatar
    for guide and visuals go to - /iphone-backgrounder - Google Code
    2008-10-02 07:41 PM
  8. stlcaddie's Avatar
    what source. I can't find it on my cydia
    2008-10-02 07:41 PM
  9. Bigperm26's Avatar
    Source is http://apt.bigboss.us.com/repofiles/cydia/

    It was added this morning I think.

    Search "Backgrounder"
    2008-10-02 07:46 PM
  10. nycdiplomat's Avatar
    this comes in handy while playin the emulators and you get an sms and need to reply
    waiting on my iPhone 6+
    2008-10-02 07:46 PM
  11. porktart's Avatar
    I get "Source Error: Undetermined Error" when I try to install this. Anyone having the same issue or know what it means?
    2008-10-02 07:51 PM
  12. newskin's Avatar
    anyone of you know how to get that chime to turn on in beejive, everytime i get and im. beejive just vibrates.
    2008-10-02 07:53 PM
  13. Cocchiararo's Avatar
    it lets apps (appstore apps, like jivetalk or palringo, for instanse :P) in background

    a must i think.
    2008-10-02 08:02 PM
  14. porktart's Avatar
    Well...apparently, it fixed itself.
    And newskin: iPhone Settings (you know, the gears)>scrool down to BeeJive, it has all the sound settings.
    2008-10-02 08:03 PM
  15. newskin's Avatar
    Appreciate it porktart, forgot about the settings being in preferences app. thanks
    2008-10-02 08:04 PM
  16. captainjapanicq's Avatar
    It works great...
    Last edited by captainjapanicq; 2008-10-02 at 08:13 PM.
    2008-10-02 08:06 PM
  17. rsorbo's Avatar
    It's sweet, but I had to turn-off Intelliscreen to get it to work.
    I hope that gets fixed...
    2008-10-02 08:08 PM
  18. captainjapanicq's Avatar
    Can you run more then one app in the background?
    2008-10-02 08:11 PM
  19. newskin's Avatar
    not even one thanks. come on fellas, just tap it.
    2008-10-02 08:16 PM
  20. marcoiac's Avatar
    not even one thanks. come on fellas, just tap it.
    I just thanked you (on your first post) even though I have not DL it yet. But let me ask you: if you want to stop an app running in the background, what do you have to do?
    iPhone 2G Pwned 3.1.2
    MBP OSX 10.6.3
    2008-10-02 08:22 PM
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