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    Hey, I think I'm not the only one that has an iphone on "steroids" with all the apps and thinks some times it runs slow or the battery seems to drain.
    With the killme app you can save battey life by cutting down processes that are useless and therefor not have so much strain on the iphone allowing it to run smoothly (not 100% sure of battery life but it would make sense).
    Unfortunately, the application requires us know the processes to "kill" them and you never know really if you have done it right or not because you can write kill "iphone," or any nonesense, and it will come up with a "SUCCESS," as a matter of fact you can kill the kill me app and it will pop a "success" window but the app is still running jajajajajaja xD.

    So I'd like people who know some commands that work to put them over here to have a little source of useful commands, and don't tell me google it because try googling "killme app" or other names and get ready for spam (and oficial site is down!),
    thanks in advance !!

    And if I got anything wrong sorry!
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