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  1. pingwhen's Avatar
    you have to use xlaunch reset it to orignal then install something new from installer then you'll have 1 thing in everything so then u can use all three I hope they fix this at some point
    2007-09-05 03:48 PM
  2. CyberGreg's Avatar
    ive done that and still nothing, this is starting to make me mad, kuz everything else works except for this... and ive tried every other build of it as well, and only 0.0.1 works...

    i figured it out, i was useing my previously modified displayorder.plist, it for somereason would not load it, so i just replaced it with the original one, now it works. it should be stated somehwere that u need to use the ORIGINAL displayorder.plist
    Hmm than I'd say there was a problem with your DisplayOrder.plist file. I have not seen this problem reported anywhere else.

    Drag it to the line above the section and place it. then select it again and u can drag it into that section.
    This is a good suggestion. I've also found that if tap it once and then tap and hold (touch and lift, then touch and hold). You can see after the first tap the '=' lines at the end showing you it's ready to be moved (it's actually three lines).

    yep cant drag to hidden anymore..I also have nothing in there. but works great with summerboard
    Please try the above method.
    2007-09-05 05:15 PM
  3. shizzabrick's Avatar
    Cybergreg, your suggestion doesn't work when the bottom section (Hidden) is empty. Can't drag anything back.
    2007-09-07 02:41 AM
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