1. tamakin's Avatar
    Anybody try this out yet?
    2008-10-19 01:45 AM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    what is it?
    *grabs iphone and heads to cydia*
    2008-10-19 01:52 AM
  3. acaijr73's Avatar
    its another multimedia player. it plays more formats then ipod
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    2008-10-19 02:04 AM
  4. dirtybird1977's Avatar
    I wish it would allow you to download .wmv from emails into the folder so you could then watch them.
    Dirty as I wanna be!
    2008-10-19 02:17 AM
  5. z3r01's Avatar
    ok, so here is my review to this

    GREAT PLAYER! now i dont have to waste time on converting!

    the app is great..
    you have to manually create the folder "media" in
    so it should be like this

    (no the dont go in var/mobile/media)

    the setting are cool but didnt notice a difference...i did get alittle sound delay (sound wasnt syncing properly) at times but ...well...its a start, hopefully these will get taken care of and wat looks to be a great player will get even better

    the foward and rewind buttons takes some getting used to(there are these little dots that i think represent the timeline, but no problem

    atleast it plays alittle better then vlc4iphone and the landscape view makes it perfect

    (yes that is avatar the last airbender playing)

    no to test the input url on it
    thanx button in advanced
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    2008-10-19 02:18 AM
  6. 0.o's Avatar
    so what formats can it play?
    2008-10-19 02:52 AM
  7. z3r01's Avatar
    it plays mpeg4 , wmv, and I think mp3 , there's probably more gotta check the cydia page for it
    2008-10-19 02:57 AM
  8. coachballfirm's Avatar
    can it play avi..thats what i need at times???
    2008-10-19 03:45 AM
  9. z3r01's Avatar
    yea , as you can see in my attachment , I was playing my avatar avi, if I'm not mistaken , avi is just a container to mpg , course I could be wrong , but this was definitaly tested with avi file

    Thanx button in advanced
    2008-10-19 03:58 AM
  10. Yul's Avatar
    That could be fantastic if it works with the same directory of SafariDL, like dTunes(private\var\mobile\Downloads) and this plugin is updated to download with Safari all those formats.

    It says that it plays: mpeg4, h264, vmv, mp3, aac, vma, real media and t-dmb formats.

    (sorry for my siouxglish) ;-)
    2008-10-19 04:03 AM
  11. z3r01's Avatar
    that would be a great idea
    2008-10-19 04:26 AM
  12. jcde7ago's Avatar
    Btw, i know "thanx button in advanced" is your favorite way to end most of your posts, but it should be "thanks button in advance." You're saying thank you in advance, not in the past tense.

    Anyways i'll give this a try tonight, as being able to play .avi files would be huge because it saves disk space (an .mp4 encoded full-length movie takes up 1.1 gigs on my iPhone, but in its original .avi format it's 700 megs...400 megs is a lot of space!).
    2008-10-19 04:48 AM
  13. deenybird's Avatar
    what about .3gp?!
    this is what most cell phone vids are encoded in, and whenever i receive on via mms there is no way for me to open it.

    Developer: prior commenter is 100% right, this needs tied to the download directory from safari DL plugin

    sounds like a great program, have yet to try it, but looking forward
    2008-10-19 05:01 AM
  14. z3r01's Avatar
    LOL I know, it's that everytime I type advance my iphone changes it to advanced so I just leave it at that and stuck with it LOL
    2008-10-19 05:08 AM
  15. coachballfirm's Avatar
    instakking now......i need this...beats out my vlc4iphone with a hammer...great idea about download sync like dtunes...
    2008-10-19 05:57 AM
  16. z3r01's Avatar
    im gonna try and put a symlink inside the /private/var/media folder to the downloads folder

    update: i created the symlink in winscp inside /private/var/mdeia to /var/mobile/library/downloads
    and it worked perfecty!

    i downloaded an avi using safari download plugin and it worked flawlessly
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    2008-10-19 06:03 AM
  17. stlcaddie's Avatar
    can you give a guide for that symlink....thanks
    2008-10-19 06:24 AM
  18. donners4's Avatar
    Cant seem to get this to work

    Downloaded it. WINSCP'ed 3 *.rm files into the created /private]var/Media folder. Rebooted the phone. Opened up MPlayer, except no files appear

    Can anyone shed some light please
    2008-10-19 07:04 AM
  19. z3r01's Avatar
    using winscp , browse to private/var/media and rightclick and select new symlink, then name it download and in the second box type /var/root/mobile/library/downloads and that's it, as for donners, I haven't tried that duke extension , will try in a minute

    Thanx button in advance
    2008-10-19 07:16 AM
  20. Anthony Verstegen's Avatar
    Make sure the "media" directory is lowercase - I had mine set to "Media" and couldn't see any files either.
    2008-10-19 07:24 AM
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