1. jackhoop's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to change the calendar colors when syncing with Nemus?

    A web search suggests either syncing blank calendars or using Mobile Me. Mobile Me sounds like a disaster waiting to conflict with Nemus Sync, so I haven' gone down that road very far.

    I did try a combination of ingnoring calendars, deleting Nemus Sync accounts and syncing new, blank calendars to try to get the colors to change. However, each calendar always seems to "want" to be a certain color. Through a ton of screwing around I wasn't able to get any of my existing calendars to come in a different color.

    Any thoughts?

    I'm using Nemus Sync (on 2.1) to pull down 7 calendars from Google calendars and other than my color problems it works great. 5 calendars are in 1 Google account and the other 2 are in another. I don't use the upload feature.
    2009-01-15 07:45 PM
  2. DVDBob's Avatar
    Haven't tried this myself, but my calendars seem to be the same color as I have them in Google. So, try changing the colors in GCal first, then sync with NemusSync. You might have to clear out NemusSync again and start from scratch.
    2009-01-20 11:40 PM
  3. jackhoop's Avatar
    Yup, that did it.

    The problem was I couldn't change the colors on the shared calendar. So, from within Google calendars I linked the shared calendar to my calendars and then I could change the colors.

    I deleted the shared account from within Nemus Sync and updated the calendar list from my personal google account (still inside Nemus Sync).

    I had to delete all of the events (in the advanced menu inside Nemus Sync) and they synchronize all of the calendars and it works great.

    Granted each time you update the calendar list it has to re-sync every event, which takes a long time for large calendars. So, now that it's the way I like it I'm done messing with it.

    Thanks DVDBob.
    2009-01-23 06:13 AM
  4. DVDBob's Avatar
    If you haven't done it already, create the plist file that's mentioned on the Nemussync website and drop it on the phone with ssh and NemusSync will automatically sync your calendars. The default is 5 mins (300 seconds), but I changed it to 30. (1800 sec) I never have go into NemusSync manually.
    2009-01-26 03:01 PM