1. reznor9's Avatar

    Author Thomas Moore has released a Mobile Substrate plug-in that allows you to display upcoming calendar entries on your lock screen!

    This is great cause now I can finally delete my copy of intelliscreen as this is the only reason i used it for, but didnt trust it since it uses hooks that go around mobile substrate which upon a crash would not trigger safe mode and could give you the spinning wheel of death...

    This is just what the doctor ordered! Available on cydia now.
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    2009-01-18 10:48 AM
  2. captainjapanicq's Avatar
    It works great, i installed it last night and so far no problems at all.
    2009-01-18 05:06 PM
  3. MumiMumi's Avatar
    I can't find lockcalendar in Cydia, who can help me?
    2009-01-18 06:24 PM
  4. reznor9's Avatar
    its in the bigboss repo. Was at the top of my changes tab in cydia last night.
    2009-01-18 06:34 PM
  5. eleazar123's Avatar
    I am so glad this finally came out! I have been using intelliscreen for a while, but it lags my entire phone so much. The only function I truly needed was constant display of calendar. This program is perfect! I can't wait for this program to get even better

    Is there a blog or homepage of the developer?
    2009-01-18 07:30 PM
  6. Iman07's Avatar
    program works well. thanks dev!
    2009-01-18 10:30 PM
  7. reznor9's Avatar
    Spoke to dev, said he is looking into adding themes and possibly a lock screen manager where you can customize the layout of the calendar events as well as other lock screen widgets(SMS alerts/weather/email). I assume it will be like intelliscreen, but housed in the safety of the mobile substrate. Big plus in my book. Even if he leaves it as is I like it already as it doesn't seem to be using any resources that I can see so far. My available memory doesn't seem to have taken a hit at all. Loving it

    And to the mods, the dev has been trying to register here but says that neither of his email address seem to get the activation email. Is there a known delay in how long it takes to get that email or is it supposed to be pretty instant? I can't rememer it's been so long.
    2009-01-19 12:01 AM
  8. oo3's Avatar
    can someone post some screenshots?
    2009-01-19 12:42 AM
  9. volatile-dev's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone who has already downloaded Lock Calendar and provided valuable feedback. I didn't expect so many people to be this interested.

    BigBoss should be putting a new release out there (v0.1.1) that fixes some issues that people in far-away places (at least far-away from me) were having.

    I've gotten a bunch of suggestions, mostly relating to configuration of the calendar. This is something that I'm starting to look into, and hopefully I'll have something ready in the not too distant future. Additionally, localization is something that I'll be looking at (my apologies to the international users out there, again). Theme support is also on the list.

    Here's a screenshot for those of you who haven't seen it yet:

    A big thanks to BigBoss for helping me get Lock Calendar released and for hosting it!

    Thomas Moore (volatile-dev)
    2009-01-19 01:39 AM
  10. misscali's Avatar
    is there a way to make it compatible with L-CONF (lockscreen config)? or just to move it down a few pixels? I already have a few things on my lockscreen..
    maybe change the size/color of the font as well
    2009-01-19 01:42 AM
  11. inco9nito99's Avatar
    Anyway for the calender to show up even if you don't have something planned for the week? 5day forecast type of ordeal? monday-friday with dates to show up atleast?
    2009-01-19 02:12 AM
  12. volatile-dev's Avatar
    is there a way to make it compatible with L-CONF (lockscreen config)? or just to move it down a few pixels? I already have a few things on my lockscreen..
    maybe change the size/color of the font as well
    I was not aware of L-CONF, so I'll be sure to look into how it works.

    Anyway for the calender to show up even if you don't have something planned for the week? 5day forecast type of ordeal? monday-friday with dates to show up atleast?
    Interesting idea. Added to the TODO list.
    2009-01-19 02:22 AM
  13. reznor9's Avatar
    Maybe incorporate your own weather widget so that the forecast for each day shows beside the date or something(refreshing every 12 hours or even 24 hours) Instead of going through the trouble of making it compatible with other widgets. Just a thought.
    2009-01-19 03:50 AM
  14. misscali's Avatar
    I like reznor9's idea of the forecast next to each day, but it really doesnt have to be compatible with other widgets, just one. L-conf allows you to load multiple widgets, and all it does it allow you to maneuver them around.

    iPhone Releases Lock Screen Configurator (L-CONF)
    MacThemes Forum / Lock Screen Configurator (L-CONF)

    var loadSettings = [
    ["Calendar.theme/LockBackground.html", 320, 480, false, -90, 0],
    ["Status Notifier.theme/LockBackground.html", 320, 0, false, 0, 0],
    ["Weather.theme/LockBackground.html", 320, 480, true, -10, -30]

    basically I just wanted to move it down a little bit, if it won't work with l-conf, I could just alter the files myself? Wasnt sure what to alter though
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    2009-01-19 05:42 AM
  15. Euroclie's Avatar
    Congratulations and many thanks to you, Thomas, for this simple (to use) and clever application! It really has a great potential, and I'm surprised to see how stable and usable it is already even if it's only a version 0.1!

    One thing that has probably been suggested to you already a couple of times, but since you're writing about calendar configuration I thought I'd add my twocents here just in case: do you have any plan to allow people to select a single calendar when you have multiple ones on your iPhone? I love to have the schedules of my wife & friends on my iPhone, but I don't really want them to come up all the time on the lock screen...

    I don't know how hard this could be to implement, though, so feel free to ignore this or give it a due date in the distant future if you want, your application is already very useful 'as is'!
    2009-01-19 05:57 AM
  16. volatile-dev's Avatar

    I didn't implement Lock Calendar as an HTML plug-in, so that may make it incompatible with L-CONF. I may just make a simple interface that lets you change the size and location. We'll see...


    I've gotten like a dozen requests for this same feature, so it's definitely on the TODO list. Thanks!
    2009-01-19 07:27 AM
  17. misscali's Avatar
    yeah thats what I figured, a configureme.txt file would satisfy me
    lookin forward to more from ya!

    I *hate* intelliscreen..waay too buggy
    2009-01-19 11:09 AM
  18. aussiebob's Avatar
    Very cool
    My signiture? Whats that...............
    2009-01-19 12:00 PM
  19. JnC's Avatar
    Another feature request:

    It would be nice to have the option of specifying one line of the display with a user specified string. For instance, to display contact info for the owner in case the iPhone is lost. (If the phone is locked, it helps to have this info on the lockscreen.)

    Usually I embed this into the wallpaper image, but with the lock calendar overlaid, it's barely visible.

    Cheers and congrats on a great plugin!
    2009-01-19 03:57 PM
  20. iainmann's Avatar
    Thanks Thomas. Great application and works well. Looking forward to developments.
    2009-01-19 04:02 PM
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