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    Im sure most of you have the new weather icon mod or at least tested it, but for the life of me can not get this to work and i feel dumb as spit.

    I have edited the correct file with my zip code as well as others just in case and it doesn't change to the correct temperature. The only odd thing i have come across is when i first opened the plist file it had


    The tutorial i was reading had it where there was a default zip code already in the file, and mine did not. I then proceed to enter my zip in between the strings.

    already tried:
    YES i have enabled it in winterboard
    i do have intelliscreen so i enabled weathericon in performance boost
    i have resprung
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    2009-01-23 04:20 AM
  2. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
    I installed this and it caused my SB to go into safe mode all the time, even if i respring, so i gave up on it
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    2009-01-23 04:48 AM
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    ^^^ Same here

    UPDATE: I grabbed 1.4 this morning via Cydia, works fine now :-) Props to the Dev!
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  4. jrentzke's Avatar
    I've noticed that with v1.42 the plist had changed. Mine only had ImageMarginTop, ImageScale and TempStyle. These are all new properties. Non of the original ones where there: Celcius, Location, RefreshInterval and WeatherBundleIdentifier. I added those, and it seems to be working fine.
    2009-01-24 10:31 AM
  5. fuego3048's Avatar
    What's the name of this mod? I can't seem to find it on cydia...
    2009-01-24 03:34 PM
  6. TheOnlyest's Avatar
    Yes, please share where you found this... and what repo is it from?
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    2009-01-24 10:08 PM
  7. lolento's Avatar
    Can somebody comment on how much memory does this mod take up?
    2009-01-26 01:44 AM